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Hey there... I'm the Comedyzombie, as you can probably see from the large letters on the top of your screen that say "Comedyzombie." I'm a teenage writer who likes to stick in the comedy genre, although I occasionally experiment with horror and things like that... you can expect quite a bit of writing from me, since I usually have a lot of time on my hands and I love writing with a burning passion. Anyway, I think I may as well list a few of my interests and stuff, so here goes...


Writing (duh)

Comedy (again, duh)

Zombies (ok, seriously, how much more duh do you need here?)

Watching cheesy old horror movies

RPGs and FPSs...ssssssss I'm a snake (sorry)

Aviators... the sunglasses I mean

The Fallout series

Ok, that's that... how about some DISintrests now? you know, stuff I don't like. I just totally made up that word, don't steal it. ANYway...


Perverts (although one of my best friends is one)

Politics... I just don't give a shit about politics...

American Idol (seriously, the SAME GUY won three years in a row...)

SLUTS OF ANY KIND (seriously, a life on the pole is no life at all)

Douchebags (particularly jocks with giant egos)

People who think they "r l33t and will pwn me in Unreal Tournament"

Annnnnd that's about it for me... oh wait, I almost forgot to mention; I'm an atheist, so some of my stories might be kinda verging on blasphemy. Don't say I didn't warn you! But uhh... hope you like them anyway! Have fun reading, and enjoy the stories!

RANDOM NOTE: I would love to be Irish... Irish people are so cool...

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An Atheist's Conversations with God reviews
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