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Hello, everyone. My name is not important, so you can just call me Hunter! I'm here to write about my own stories (:giggle: who isn't?), which are my Hunters.

I'm going to put the names of the current Hunters clamoring for attention in my brain up, a little bit about their appearance, weapons choice, ect.

This is five characters, all of whom's story I will tell. They are all one Hunting team, led by Cobra, who's profile's at the bottom.

1. Tirson, Rebeka: 19 years old. Newest member of Team Cobra

Code name: Ceres

Date of Birth: 15 January, 1990

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 173 lbs.

Gender: Female

Recruitment and Education:First year Hunter, new to the organization. She was recruited from her dojo, where she studied Judo. After entering Hunter Academy, her education expanded rapidly, including instruction in Kendo, Aikido, Southern Praying Mantis, the art of poisons, and general studies of law, technology, tracking, and hunting. Her attempts at healing were sub-par, and so she was discarded when brought up for the Healer's program. She retains skill with her chosen weapons of sword and tanto knife. Beka is also a proficient marksman, which is a requirement for any field agent in the agency. She is also trained as a SIREN, a seductress, assassin, and spy used by Hunter teams during undercover investigations, and in covert assignations. SIRENs are looked down upon within the agency, despite the work they do and having the highest fatality rate of any agency occupation.

Origin:Second daughter of Markus and Anne Tirson, three siblings. One brother, Danny (13); Two sisters: (Re)Gina (17), and Ruby (21). Her family has lived in America for five generations, before which, her ancestors lived in England. She is a high school graduate; her parents are an office worker and a day care volunteer. Her paternal grandparents own a small cattle ranch of 150 acres outside of Pryor, Montana. Population, 628.

Physical Appearance: Pale skin, high cheek bones, thin nose. Lower lips filler than upper, with a round chin, and dark brows arched over liquid-like brown eyes. Her hair color is dark brown, almost black in color, cut to her shoulders and constantly braided with a spiked strap in it.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite dish: Potato Salad

Favorite quote: "We do things my way, or in a way that forces me to sabotage your every move. No, there is no highway option."

2. Murphey, Donovan : 22 years old

Code name: Bullseye

Date of Birth: 3 April, 1987

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 213 lbs

Gender: Male

Recruitment and Education:Second Generation Hunter, his father raised him to this life from the cradle, teaching him the Hunter way along with a strict code of morals and ethics. His education was that of any typical Hunter: Extensive survival training, poison resistance, lock picking, interrogation (administration and resistance), tracking, Hunting, lessons in law, history, and hand to hand combat in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. His preferred style of combat is by the use of guns, and he is a superior marksman who can disassemble and reassemble ninety percent of the world's firearms (blindfolded or otherwise), and he has experience from artillery, tank, and hunting guns to rifles and machine guns.

Weapon of choice:Twin Beretta 92FS nine mm. semi-automatic pistols

Origin:Son of Michael Murphey, the Hunter Agency's top interrogation specialist. Mother: unknown. No siblings.

Physical Appearance: Tan skin and wide shoulders with a lithe built body of a natural marksman. Copper colored hair, cut to a little below the ears in a tapered style. Eyes are dark green, deep set under straight copper brows, in an angular face with a strong chin and cheek bones. His nose had been broken once or twice, so it sits the tiniest bit askew. Full lips that rarely smile or frown. He is egotistical, and thinks he is God's gift to the world. Arrogant, and obssesed with his appearance.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Dish: Tacos

Favorite quote: "How do I feel about gun control? Sneak into my house one night, and find out."

3. Tolstoy, Andriy : 17 years old

Code Name: Sprocket

Date of Birth: 28 November, 1992

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 262 lbs

Gender: Male

Recruitment and Education:Trained since his adoption as an infant from an orphanage in the south of Russia, Andriy proved to have absolutely no knack for weapons or martial arts of any kind. While a proficient marksman, he did not have enough talent to enter the field as either a sniper or assassin. When left on his own one afternoon, he wandered into one of the storage garages for Hunter vehicles, and was put to work fixing cars. It was here he found his calling. Adept and up to date on all models of cars, trucks, tanks, and planes used within the Hunter Agency, he also knows how to install the latest weapons and armor. His repair skills are almost unparalleled. His best time at repairing a car pronounced totaled was sixteen hours, five minuets, and three point six seconds. Is also an unmatched getaway driver, although passengers swear to anything that will listen that they will never get into a car with him again.

Weapon of Choice:A wrench, or other vicious power tool, with the latest weapons and parts on hand for any repair job.

Origin: Adopted from a poor orphanage in southern Russia. Father, mother, siblings: Unknown, presumed dead.

Physical Appearance:Dark tan with angular features and black eyes. His hair is dyed a gaudy shade of orange, stripped with purple. His ears are pierced in the top cartilage, one in each ear. Most often found in a tank top and jeans with combat boots. Large muscles, and very strong...probably took steriods...we think...

Favorite Color:Electric Yellow

Favorite Food:Ramen

Favorite Quote:"Drive it like you stole it!" (Which, unfortunately, he does...)

4. Shimizu, Yori : 27 years old

Code Name: Matrix

Date of Birth: 31 August, 1982

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 124 lbs

Gender: Female

Recruitment and Education: Recruited when she was discovered hacking the Pentagon's security firewall...for the fifth time...during web design class. A brilliant hacker and computer whiz, she often acts as tech support on covert operations, stings, and acquiring information. Often illegally. Once hacked the Hunter restricted database in training class because she was bored, and set off an agency wide panic. Creates viruses that scan suspect computers to obtain and record information. Hacks friends accounts to leave evil messages and edits...

Weapon of Choice:The latest, fastest, most superior in computer and satellite technology

Origin:Born in the Yamanashi province of Japan, to Aki and Kyoko Shimizu, a province farmer and his wife. One older brother: Koharu (30)

Physical Appearance: Small, willowy, Asian woman with dark hair and eyes. Her lips and cheeks are plump, her long, slender fingers quick on a keyboard. She wears glasses because of so many hours in front of computer screens. She is always smiling, and is the life of the party. Usually dresses in sweats, since she spends most of her day inside. Skin pale for lack of sun exposure. Has a crazy, bordering on berserk temper, but rarely roused.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Chicken Noodle Soup

Favorite Quote: "I won't mention any names, but someone is seriously slowing down the evolutionary process."

5. McFearson, Liam : 25 years old

Code Name: Cobra

Date Of Birth: 28 October, 1984

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 223 lbs.

Gender: Male

Recruitment and Education: Tenth generation Hunter, usual education, excellent marksman, getaway driver, spy. Trained as all purpose Hunter, and showed signs of leadership capability. Has been leading his own team since age 18. SIREN agents in his team tend to die in rapid succession. It is believed he has a grudge against them. Mission Success/Fail ratio for current team: 113/1, with exaggeration on fail part of ratio.

Weapon of Choice: Either Glock pistols, or switch blade knives

Origins: Tenth generation Hunter, Mother/ Father: Deceased; One brother: Deceased (perhaps...); Clan McPhearson: located at their old castle in Glasan, An Iarmhi, Ireland.

Physical Appearance: Tall, tan skinned, with blond hair and electric blue eyes. Build and aura cause him to be mistaken for a former Marine Corps. soldier. Hair cut is long, to shoulder blades, often in ponytail. No facial hair, and little expression, has mastered the concept of 'poker face'. Gaze is piercing, said to see through the receiver's very soul.

Favorite Color: No bloody idea...

Favorite Food: He won't tell us...

Favorite Quote: "If you look at me like that again, I will punch you so hard, you'll have a front row seat to my boot kicking your ass..."

And there we have Team Cobra.

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