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Hello, my name's Rielle. I am 14 yrs old and a dedicated anime fan. I have joined FP.com to express mine and my friends silliness with anime. We hope that everyone will understand that most of our stories will be about us and our cos-play group. We know that most people don't like it when a writer puts them self in a story. But, u never know, the story may be good. Also for those who really dislike it and have the urge to cause out someone, then please refrain from sending that to us. That is because one of the group members is hard down not comfortable with hardcore cussing and will be in trouble if her mother See's it on her e-mail since this account was made by her using here-mail. But we hope u won't have to do that and enjoy the stories that are made. Cause trust me, when we're all together we're pretty funny! Thanks for tacking time to read!:)

Stories in proses

1. The ACT! Girls

2. Fantasy Cafe

3. Pocky day

The ACT! Girls

Join Rielle, Charlotte, Melissa, and Hana in a story about the days in their lives as hyperactive, anime crazy high school girls with the talents of getting themselves in wacky situations.

Fantasy Cafe

Rielle wants to start a cos-play club. But, she needs money to do that, right? So she set out on her journey to find a job. Oh the joy! As she looks she stumbles upon a interesting Cafe.

Pocky day

a small story about how Rielle feels about Pocky!

This is what the girl uniform for Fantasy Cafe looks like...only it's black instead of blue:

This is what the boy uniform for Fantsy Cafe looks like: