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Someone recently pointed out the fact that I haven't updated Aurora's Consort in a very long time & that if I didn't plan to do so soon then I should put it on hiatus because to do otherwise is rude/inconsiderate to readers. Consider it done. Aurora's Consort is officially on hiatus w/ updates whenever the heck I feel like it. Does that mean I won't update it? Heck no. I will as soon as I can manage to do it & do it well. I still plan to finish it some day soon but need a clear head for that. Anyhooo... There you guys have it. Hope the warning is satisfactory.

Thankfully, the plagiarized version of Flaming in the Dorms has now been removed, whether by fABLOUSdIVA or the site admins I can't say. Regardless, it's done and I'd like to thank Infinite.Silence for alerting me to the situation and all of the readers who helped rectify the situation. I'm eternally grateful. bows to you all

Link to pesterme2 on AdultFanFiction: http:///authors.php?no=1296869336

Hey everybody! I know updates have been slow for a while now. Wasn't going to go into it but I figure I owe you guys some explanation at this point. sighs Let's see... In the past year my mom's been sick w/ cancer/chemo, my niece had a kidney transplant, my nephew had open heart surgery, my dad had a crash and injured his knee, my grandmother died, my oldest son turned into a monster, and my youngest... Well, he's disabled and I've been working w/ him a lot trying to help him learn to speak. That's not working out all that well but at least I have the school system to help me out now. It was a long, long, stressful year and the summer nearly did me in. But it's fall now you say? Yep. It is, but I've been sick. Very, very sick actually. Throw in a coupla sick kids? Yeah, it's been one hell of a year. Things are hopefully going to get better from now on. At least mom's chemo is over and dad's and my nephew on doing well too. Shitty year. Anywho... TMI right? But there it is and I'll try to do better in the future. Really miss you guys. hugs

That said, I'd like to thank everyone who's taken the time to read and especially those who found it in the kindness of their hearts to review! Please stick with me in the future and for all of the 'Flaming in the Dorms' readers out there, I definitely have a second story in the works (at the urging of my AdultFanFiction crew) dealing with James. But that will have to wait until I wrap up 'Flaming' since it will follow the events of 'Flaming' and will have both Scott and Damien in the plot line as secondary characters. So please keep reading and I'll see you guys next chapter!!

Big super-mega hugs

Anyone wants to drop a note on LiveJournal feel free! I use this account for my AFF readers. No account required to comment but feel free to friend me if you'd like.


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