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Ok this account is shared with a friend of mine who is called Cross, thus the name Rois (me) and Cross (my friend.) Together we are creating our own Holt and Wolfriders and those of you who are mega geeks will probably get the idea that we are talking about ElfQuest, by Richard and Wendy Pini. But take note please, these are OUR characters, OUR stories and OUR plots and stuff like that so it's all original we just borrowed the idea of the world of two moons from Mr. and Mrs. Pini.

Rois' Bio:

Name: Rois

Age: Not gonna say!

Personality: I'm so different, one moment I'll be the quiet person sitting away from everyone else and than I'll be one of the loud crazy people at the table over! I'm always changing and always growing and I'm happy with who I am.

Likes: Rain, music, art, dance, reading, and of course writing.

Dislikes: Annoyingly obnoxious people, crowds, people that automaticly assume they are God's gift to the rest of us, bad grammer, and the sinceless abuse of animals.

Characters Made: Heart Fire

Well that's me! Not much now that I'm looking at it... Oh well you'll just have to deal with it. Cross should be on sometime to put up her bio thingy! Until then Ja Ne!!

CROSS'S bio! Cause I'm better then Rois I know you'll flock to my part before you read hers.. Lol jk don't hit me!!

Name: Cross

Age: You'll have to guess >3

Persona: I'm a total tweaker for shiny things and most of the time I'm all over the place unless I really have to be the calm one. My mind is always processing information so even if I have my nose in a game you know I'll hear you even if you think I can't and other times it'll go threw one ear and out the other.

Dislikes: Sitting still, uneven numbers, my room being clean, people who find me annoying, innocent people, racists, and animal abusers

Likes: correcting Rois's spelling like her word 'sincless' that should be SENCEless >3, fighting over stupid things, having fun, getting complimented, drawing, reading, writing, ridding motorcycles and horses, animals!

Character: Twitch!

TIS I! the mighty wonderful MEE!! FEAR ME FEAR ME I SAY and damn it Fearless get off my tits!... NO don't lay on my hands I can't type that way!!


And we'll also post our other original stories on here, it may just take some time...