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I'm a 24 year old girl but I don't act my age.

I like yaoi. Deal with it. I also like het, but I'm not really into yuri; I just haven't found anything that makes me really love it yet.

I primarily write (well, used to write) fanfiction, but I'm trying to break myself into original fiction with my original characters as well.

My characters are like actors, I tend to recycle them in various different scenerios and stories, but I'm also trying to further develop their personalities as well.

Some characters you'll see pop up in my shit:

Bradley: You can see him here.

Bradley is fail on legs. If something extremely weird and unfortunate could possibly happen to him, it has in the past. He is currently being pursued by two different men that he wants absolutely nothing to do with romantically, though he's not really the brightest bulb in the box, so he can usually be coerced or tricked into a number of sexual situations. He has a romantic interest in Penny. He identifies as straight, but thus far, he fails horribly at it. He's quite "famous" for wearing a striped polo shirt, a stupid beret, and a spiked collar and bracelets (rape protection), and he has a love/love relationship with food. His theme song is "Bradley" by Coal Chamber.

Kazoo: You can see him here.

Kazoo is a demon, though he would rather identify with humans. He is one of the two men that is currently pursuing Bradley, and is also his current roommate. Kazoo isn't very subtle in his efforts to get into Bradley's pants. He tries to keep up an air of "cool," but he's really a nerd at heart and usually immerses himself in Dungeons and Dragons and 100+ hour JRPG's. He's sexually provocative and doesn't really identify as anything but "gay for Bradley," and so has his attention almost exclusively set on getting him naked in his bed. He loves wearing red, and is a troublemaker. He has no theme song at the moment.

Chris: You can see him here.

Chris isn't actually mine; he's an old RP character that a friend created right around the time that Bradley came into existence and I still draw/write for him on occasion. That and I still owe her some badly-written Chris/Bradley smut that I really need to finish writing one day. Chris is the other man pursuing Bradley deep in the recesses of my headcanon, and actually gets Bradley naked more often than Kazoo does, mainly because he can talk his way into anyone's pants and he knows Bradley's weakness for alcohol. Chris is a pyschopath who spends a great deal of time institutionalized. He is a proud metalhead and is covered in tattoos. He identifies as bisexual. I have no idea if he has a theme song.

Penny: You can see an old picture of her here.

Penny is cute as a button, but her cuteness is only a ruse; she's obnoxious and opinionated and has been arrested several times during protests. Did I mention that she's also a zombie? She likes wearing cute goth clothing. She is Bradley's romantic interest, but she "friend zoned" him ages ago, and is completely oblivious to the fact that he is in love with her. She fails at dating, and goes through men like tissues, but mainly because she's undead with a preference for living men, and she has a tendency to scare them away. She identifies as straight. Her theme song is "Creature of the Night" by Zombie Girl.

Evan/Evangeline: He's the ugly fuck that I'm using as my icon, but you can see the full image here.

Evan is a zombie that just so happens to house two people in one body; Evangeline is a homicidal bitch that comes out during times of extreme stress and slaughters all of his lovers (and family members that disapprove of his sexuality). Evan dresses like any normal emo-ish boy, but when the Evangeline portion of his personality surfaces, he cross-dresses and dresses quite slutty. He identifies as gay. His theme song is "Born this Way" by Lady Gaga.