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Welcome to Tyler Junky @ FictionPress

Hi there all, Names Tyler Junky (Alias) age 22.

I’ve set up here on fictionPress.com to post the Science Fiction and Fantasy writing I’ve completed for both entertainment and constructive criticism. My goal is to get my stuff seen and acepted by a reall publisher but You’ll find that my spelling and grammar are truly horrendous. I use spell check but you know how those are…They cant tell the difference between certain words that are spelled somewhat similar…either that or I’m just not using it right. So if you find any misspellings or anything of that sort let me know so I can get closer to my goal. And if you know of ways that can help me improve besides by going to more English class’s (since I’m already am) let me know.

I’m also going to try my hand at poetry wail I‘m here. I’ve already written some but whenever I compare it to other poems I end up kicking myself and throwing it away. I’m not good at rhyming and I don't have the "flow" as most poets call it.

This profile is one of many I have made that makes up my Web Network. The homepage is on MySpace and can be reached through the homepage link above. There you’ll find links to all the profiles I have on the internet including Elfwood, You-Tube and Gaia.

I also put my work on Elfwood but there system, like Eric Cartmen says, sucks donkey balls. You have to wait for a mod to approve it; and that takes from several days to a week, and if it has swear words as small and minor minor as “ass”…they reject it. Fiction Prime is much faster so i'll be posting her first when I have something finished.

So stay tuned. I upload a maximum of about 3 chapters a month. So be sure to rate and comment. Be tough but gentle…

I'm in need of beta readers. So if your interested send e-mail to tylerjunky@ or IM me on yahoo messenger or AIM.

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