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The work I post here is usually based on my, and my friends', lives. I generally take the essence of the story out of real life, and change the ending (or sometimes I leave the ending and change the journey). It's really just to get all this out of my system, to free up mental space for the writing I'm serious about. :)

To clarify things: I mostly (!) write about what I know. That means that a lot of my work will be about LDS (Mormon) homeschoolers in Utah. And not the normal LDS homeschoolers (the ones that are easily assimilated into mainstream society), I mean the awesome (read: especially weird) ones. Let me expound:

I see most of my friends in person about once every-other month, if I'm lucky. All other communication is generally by email or phone (usually email)

Most of us have 3+ siblings living at home. It makes things more interesting, since we're all home all day.

Being online until the wee hours of the morning isn't even weird anymore.

We do things that are deemed odd by most everyone else in this world.

We have egos the size of _ (any outrageously large object of your choice).

We have some mighty weird hobbies.

Some of us are a little paranoid.

We like firearms. A LOT.

We seem to roam in packs.

There are a lot more of us than you'd think.

If you don't know what Mormonism is, go to (there's my missionary work for the day, lol).

If you don't know what homeschooling is, besides wondering what planet you've lived on all your life, I can refer you to a Google search of 'homeschool'.

And as an LDS homeschooling resource, there's always (my Mother's favorite).

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