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Welcome to my page.

The name is Arisa Hanari. You can call me Arisa. Yoroshiku! (Nice to meet you). Currently I am living a life full of goodness and I feel blessed. There are several things I like to highlight about myself:

1) I love fantasy stories.

2) Cheesecake is my all time favorite dessert.

3) Hobbies are of course; without a doubt; sleeping, eating, daydreaming. (These activities helps me a lot to gain ideas and extra energy to write my story)

4) I am officially obsessed with vampires!

There you go~ that is all about me.

EDIT (4/2/2010):

I’m juggling with eight stories right now, so the progress of each story might slow down a little. (Yeah I know, it’s my entire fault for being so greedy)

Like always, HFW is my first priority at the moment, since it’s the most favorite among my readers :D (19 faves, thanks!) So here’s a question, which one my other stories do you like to see to be updated along with HFW? Meaning, I’ll update it regularly like HFW. Just conclude your opinion when you review my stories, or you could always PM me. I’ll appreciate your help!

EDIT (2/11/2010):

Recently; I don't know why; I've been getting a lot of ideas for my story from my dreams. It turns out it's quite good . I wonder if I could fit it in. (I kinda forgot what it was all about. I should really put a pen and a paper beside me when i sleep XD)

I'll be focusing on Her First Words for now. So for those who are waiting for my others stories, I'm sorry but to inform you that it might take me awhile before I can continue on them again. Sorry for the inconsistencies.

Stories I am currently working on: (O) ongoing, (C) complete, (S) oneshot, (F) future. (The progress in plotting and writing the chapter)

(O) Her First Words: Chapter 17: The plot is 100 complete :D Just waiting for some inspiration for me to write it down. It might be a bumpy ride ;D

(O) Pearls of Everlasting Love: Chapter 2: Plot wise, around 45. Inspiration of writing the whole stroy... 10 :D

(O) Enchanted Fairytale: Chapter 1: Plot is still a bit undecided, maybe around 20. Inspiration of writing it down... 3

(O) Baby Steps: Chapter 2: It's not really depended on plot though, it's based on my own experience. So, around 70? Inspiration... when i have the mood. XD

(O) It Started With A Fieldtrip: Chapter 2: Plote wise, 56. Inspiration of writing it down... 0. Wanted to make sure HFW finish first before continuing. Sorry for those who have been waiting for this. >.

(O) Silver Snow : Blood 8: - On hold since I can’t seem to find the book that I scribble the plot on… =_= Wondering if I had accidentally throw it.

(F) My Heart Beats Only for You: Preface - (Sneak peek preview) "You could have told me! Why, Evan, WHY?!" Sara cried with anguish while clinging to Evan's cold body; it was stiff as a marble. A hand shook Sara's shoulder gently while stating the fact that is was time for her to let him go. "Ms Walker" said the monotone voice "we need to do the procedure now, before it is too late."

(C)Truth Hurts

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