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Hi I am Savannah a.k.a slight serenity…I love writing and so ya... I LOVE WRITING!

Sorry I have not been on for a major amount of time. I have been in trouble and all this stuff has been happening well anyways I am back and I have new stories that are way better...i have been improving so much and i now realize how bad my previous writings where lol. So new stuff should be on the way :)

AGE: 13

LOCATION: California

MOOD: contented

LATEST UPDATE: July 10 11:52 AM

WRITE-O-METER (my level of writing creativity out of 1-10): 8.0

CURRENT PRODUCTIVE STATE: I have posted a new story, I hope you enjoy :)( I apologize there is only two story posted...i will get to it as soon as possible...I will get new chapters and stories up soon)

Stories and Summaries:

Corrupt Complexity-Is about a blue blood girl who falls in love with a man who is very far from ordinary. Her corrupted life turns even more complex when she meets this mysterious man...who has even more mysterious past.

A Heavenly Hinder-Is about a goddess named Luna who falls in love with a god claimed evil. This mysterious god is a contradiction to his fate, where he hides away from the world in pain of what his destiny fought out for him.

Random Stuff About Me!!

I just turned 13 and I am 5’9 and ½

I am a vegetarian

I like the color yellow and orange because a lot of people forget about those colors

I hate the color purple

I think Twilight…is kinda awesome! Lol

I think you should read my stuff

I am friends with somber dawn (look her up shes awesome)

I want to become a writer and want my book (which I did not post) to be published very soon.

I like romances

I hate mysteries…if they don’t have romance in them

Did I say I like romances

Lalalalala LAAAAA!

I am a little random lol

I am shy...but loud at the same time

I want to go to France

I love you...or do I hate you

I hate when people are stupid on purpose

I like bubbles...GIANT bubbles

I hate when people think they are fat when they are definitely not...kinda pisses me off

I have green eyes, tanned skin, long legs, wavy gold and brown hair, and overly tall...I LOVE IT

I like school...yes i actually like school

My favorite type of music is alternative rock

I don't really like country or reggage

I hate perverts...especially gross adolesence boys who need to seriously just go masturbate and leave everyone else be (sorry for being harsh but we all know they need to grow up)

I dont like being harsh...but I am sometimes

I thrive on awkward silences...they make me laugh

I am the person to make inappropriate jokes when there is an awkward silence

I wish I could whistle and sing

I am a bit of a perfectionist

I am overly stressed and i hate it but love it

Oh and I am weird

I like nice if your nice...come on lets hang out

Oh and i love when people review and message me and i try my best to reply to their message/review :)

I have a blog on further learn about me and my current state of writing click this link:

I am also on (same pen name) HOPE TO C U THERE :)

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A Heavenly Hinder reviews
Luna and Rune are uncovering their uncertain love, while trying to preserve peace in their world. Battles are fought, feelings are stirred, and matter is mysterious in this romance novel.
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