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I don't really remember when I started writing. Hopefully in the future I'll finish all my writings. I hope to be a author,

I have noticed over the years that when I am told critique I understand it but I don't excatly improve from it. I have to see it in order to apply to my writing drawings or anything else.

For example Before I get critique I see in black and white. But Critique is the color that someone tells me about. I know that there is more than the black and white I see now. But I wouldn't actually be able to see color unless if my eyes change to seeing color. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, just a flaw of a visual thinker. I see the words, I just have trouble sometimes putting it into words. But I tried to explain it, I really did.

I now have a website for information and updates and stuff go there!

Other writing sites

I'm on Fanfiction as:

Yuki Hayashi

Books that are halted:

Aline the Hunter

Kendo girl


Corene from Corene (She's laying on a bed)

Animation Corene

There are clips from Corene. -

You can find the video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9a5oIDxlzE

There is a animation mistake in it though. (Somewhere in the ending) -' Corene, Mell, Enie and Tate's eyes are in it. Along with a spoiler character and a spoiler pic about Mell. I thought it was best to reveal the spoiler, I have already planned out things like the ending, but when I get an idea about a chapter I just have to write it down and the spoiler about Mell is in a Unumbered chapter that I wrote. Unumbered chapters a chapters that are idea chapters that can be used in the story/book later. So far I only have 2 Unumbered Chapters.


It is also on Codegeass69.darkbb.com under the name of Yukihime.

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Corene reviews
New and Improved! 14 year old Corene, one day finds herself caught in the mysteries of another world. Which she seems to have a connection to. Will Corene uncover the mystery? And when she does will the truth be light and good or dark and evil? Short chap
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Dreamer:A Fantasy Indian Story reviews
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Asuka:Don't Do Drugs reviews
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Jake and I reviews
Jake and I are making a cake for his... I written this a long time ago. Sorry for the short summary. Story is so short I can't sum it up without giving the whole thing away.
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The Pure girl
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