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Yo! I'm a writer, drawer, instrument player, singer, an otherwise very artsy, openminded person. I do try to be professional, as well as friendly. Something that I will NOT tolerate, however, are flames. If you do flame me, I will by no doubt either remove your review or, if I find substantial evidence in it, have it removed by marking it 'Spam'. Now that that's over... Some of you who may know me from Fanficton.net. Here's my links, on which you may find me.

Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1514197/Kagome-Loves-Kouga
I am Kiara0Yunochida on both Youtube and Twitter.


And, only for emergencies...
kiara_yunochida@yahoo.com (secondary account)

And YES, my avatar is Higurashi Kagome from the popular anime/manga "Inuyasha". So please, no comments. I don't look like her.

Name: Scarlett. But I also go my K.L.K, or even Kiara.

Age: Fifteen. And damn proud of it.

Febuary 23, 1995

Sex: Female, and eternally grateful for it! (stop that giggling, I'm mature enough not to, you should be too)

Religion: None.

Looks: Darker red hair, dyed black tips going four inched up the length, as it goes down to my hips. Curly. but soft and shiny. Pale skin. Even though I hate to admit it: a few freckles. Dark brown eyes with black rimmed around the colour. Usually seen in black clothing, dark eyeliner, mascara, and even mesh sometimes. if it isn't too warm. I'm not girly by any standards, but I love to wear skirts. They're comfortable. Some people compliment me on my appearance, but as I am socially akward, it is rather akward. So I guess it's plausible that I'm pretty. I dunno.

Grade in school: As of now, Freshman. (groans)

Orientation: None of your bees-wax.

Likes: Black, Creepy things, Gore, Angst, ...Smut, although don't tell my parents, Singing in front of people, Ledgend of Zelda videogames, TV that is NOT a reality show and that has an actual message with humour, Spelling things things the Canadian/English way so you people who think I shouldn't can just shove it, Speaking her mind, speaking a bit of Japanese, Anime/Manga, Good music, My friends, Freaking people out. Yoai, Yuri, (boy/boy, Girl/girl) Lemons,

Nueteral with: Basically everything. Even though my hair suggests otherwise, I'm not quick to anger. However, try not to get me mad.

Dislikes: Preppies, Jocks, Jock-Jerks (known as the mean jocks, some are actually nice) Being tired, Artists block, Having a gig cancelled, people being rude inconsiderate jerks... One word. Sunburn. Frizzy hair days. Being sick. My allergies. Fur on my clothes, bed, or in my room (thank kami Bishon Frises don't shed), or annoying people (fangirls) also... Twilight. That series grinds my nerves.

Hates: Losing my work if my computer decides to shut off (man my Laptop hates me), People messing with my friends (not a good way to survive, by the way) Flamers (I've had quite enough of those fucktards on FF. net, okees?) People who point out my every fucking mistake, my mother (no, I am NOT joking), when people hate me because of who I am or what I believe in (which is the right thing) Those who disapprove of not having a religion (I mean really it's my choice), and being forced to run in Gym Class (Thirty situps? Fine. Ten pushups? Okay. Running three laps around the school? Fuck no.)

My Motto- It is of a ninja's use, but I swear by it.

"A ninja waits until the dead of night, when the enemy sleeps and drops his guard, when his weapons lie forgotten in the stillness of the night, that is the moment for a ninja to strike."

Copy and Paste if your a Ninja!

"Today I got lost on the road of life." -Kakashi Hatake, Naruto


This Is My Life
My life is filled with pain. But it is also filled with happiness. It's my life, no filters, nothing. All except... Well... I'll just tell you later. My Btch of a Mother is coming, and you don't want to meet her...
Rating: T
Genres: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Status: Incomplete, Coming soon.

Why Must The World Be Like This?

the World,
full of hate,
and so many other things I wish to not speak of,
oh just why,
must it be this way?

Of course,
the world has it's finer points too,
like love,
no matter how far or inbetween,
and people who are just plain nice,
is the reason why this world is bearable to many of us deep-thinkers,
like me.

even though many say,
the world is black,
and a multitude of greys,
I just simply,
do not see it this way.

I am not denying the fact that I have been hurt,
or lonely,
but the fact is that I haven't acted on my thoughts and feelings of desperation,
and thought about never seeing my friends' faces smile,
never again singing to my favourite songs,
never seeing the sunlight,
never seeign the luminescant moon glow upon my face,
and stealing snacks in the night without a trace,
these are the things I live for sometimes,
when the world darkens for me,
and things crash downb on my head harder than any fist,
I just read off my favourite mind's list,
so even when my heart is torn,
or broken,
I pick the pieces up,
and help my friends first,
my loyalty in ways unspoken,
I never thought about myself once when my friends start to cry,
when one of them is picked on,
and too disraught to fight back,
I readily jump into it,
no matter what they say,
I'd give up any social meaning to anyone but my friends,
if to prove my loyalty to them for just a day.

The world may seem a dark,
haunted place,
but take one look at what you love most,
smile even though your hurt,
look to the sun and feel the wartmth upon your fce,
and laugh.

when the world has you down,
the wars' news turns your happy smiles into frowns,
the hate scathes your contented heart with it's poison and claws of acidic steel,
when you're bloody or beaten or just plain tired of all the violence,
don't give into the dark whispers of your darker thoughts,
call your friends,
talk to someone you like,
draw pictures like crazy,
sing or dance like nobody's watching,
write out your fristrations and woes,
then when the dark thoughts come,
turn up your nose,
say, "no way, I have so much to have in my life,"
and finally,
have those horrible thoughts put down it's stabbing knife.

don't ask in frustration,
hissing as you hurt yourself because then you have control,
"why must the world be like this?!"
stop the pain,
and simply say,
"My life isn't perfect, this is true, but to these thoughts, Enough of you!"
and walk straighter,
head held high,
and always say "Hi" when you meet someone new,
because who knows,
you just might be giving them the power,
to stop thier pain,
and see a colourful,
brighter world.

-By Kagome-Loves-Kouga.
please, please, if you've ever been depressed or a friend has been depressed, please copy/paste this and let others know that thay're not alone in the darkness, and they can rely on others to give them strength to rise into a brighter, colourful world, and that they don't have to let the world fade into black before they have the chance to live.

please comment nicely, otherwise I will not extend my hand of friendship to you.
If you are nasty to me, I will simply act cold and professional.
Try to crack my mask of indifference:
You'll find for those of you who are mean cannot find the cracks.
So Be polite,
Constructional Critisisms are more than welcomed,
but to flames?
I say "Nyaaah!"
-By Kagome-loves-Kouga
Please copy/paste if you think this is true.

Torn Down

I feel,
so sad,
so alone,
all because nobody told me,
nobody would be home,
my pure shock was softened,
by the "I told you so" thoughts,
as I lay in my room,
in the house which I am alone in lots,
My nails are painted black,
the ends of my hair blackened too,
listening to my favourite bands,
and know in my heart,
this is what I want to do.

Even though I look depressed,
and though I kinda am,
there's nothing wrong with that,
and being happy all the time is a sham.

It simply doesn't work,
I know,
I've tried,
that's why when I was younger,
I just simply cried.

Day after day,
people bullied me,
the teachers didn't do a thing to stop it,
that's what happened to me.

I know,
others have it worse,
and I have it pretty fucking great,
but I'm happier with my life now,
then when I dressed in pink,
and believed nothing in the world was wrong,
back then I knew someday the world would come crashing down,
but now,
after it has done just that,
with my blackened clothes,
eyeliner in place,
and black studded belt and hat,
don't you see that people like me,
are just accepting the world as is,
we know the good is less than the bad,
but still,
we are happier as we are,
and as long as you others mock us,
try to tear us down,
we'll still laugh at you,
because to us,
you are the ones being torn down.
-By Kagome-Loves-Kouga.

See? this is what I mean. even if people like Preppies, or just girls or boys who laugh at people like me- who wear different stuff from them or just are different- are the ones being torn down as they laugh at us. they need to stop and take another look at themselves, and ask, are they really so different? Please Copy/Paste this into your profile if you think I'm right.

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My life is filled with pain. But it is also filled with happiness. It's my life, no filters, nothing. All except...Well...I'll just tell you later. My Betch of a Mother is coming, and you don't want to meet her...
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