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Hi peoples! I love and I found out there is a sister site for it, and I made an account. My user name and all that is the same as it is for I might submit one or two of stories, I don't know. Depends if I feel like editing them or not, cause even though English is my native language, I am a bad speller. I swear, if was legal to marry a spellchecker I certainly would! Mrs. Alex Checker

Name: Alex

Gender: A WOOman

Age: Square Root of Infinity

Favorite Food: Chocolate Pie! Yum!

Are you immature: Nope, I am like the most mature person ever!

I'm telling you I spend more time on than I do here. When I'm on here though, I generally go read Fantasy or Sci-Fi. Romance is always good as well, but as a sub-genre. Yah, I'm all for bloody battles, suspense, and action, not so much kissy kissy goo gooo. Call me a weirdo if you must.