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Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. There! Now I shouldn't have to put it in my fics!

A couple of times I've been asked permission to use a concept similar to mine. YOU DON'T NEED MY PERMISSION TO USE SIMILAR IDEAS! As long as you aren't plaigarizing me, then go right ahead! One of the reasons I do stories the way I do is because I'd like to see more like them.

My ideas centre around takari. If you don't like it, too bad. I don't have a whole lot now, but that should change once I get through my single-chapter ideas.

If I have a long delay between putting something out, it would most likely mean that I'm some difficulty finding time, or, I'm at a point where I have several ideas, but not one is worked out enough to run with. With me, the latter is pretty common.

One thing I won't put up with are people who complain when I bash a character. I give you warning, and if you're too stupid to pay attention to it, then you deserve any offense you take. You people need to grow up and realize that not everyone has to like a character as much as you. If you are so offended by bashing, then you may as well just leave the site because your whining, fussing, and crying won't change anything. Or you can grow up and accept the fact that your opinions are not universal.

Any flames will be put in forewords and ridiculed. Then I'll ridicule the person who sent them in my forewords. Flamers are nothing but crybabies who can't handle someone having a different opinion. If you have a complaint, be polite about it. I don't know about anyone else, but I will NOT consider resolving any problems brought up as flames.

I hate Davis. I consider him a cheap imitaion of Tai, and I never like the imitators when the original is still around.

I'm not too fond of Cody either. His character bores me more than any other character I've ever seen on TV. I'm minimizing my use of him since he has basically no effect on my stories.

I doubt I'd be putting the actual digimon partners in my stories. Mainly because I can't juggle large numbers of characters very well and the digimon would double the number. I also doubt I'll ever use the tamers since they don't interest me enough. If I ever did, it would have to be in an AU where none of the originals would work out.

I've started seeing frontier and I like it so far, but I doubt I'll be doing any fics based off the characters.

My stories are takaris. I'm a huge fan of the couple. Right now, I have mainly big multi-chaptered, but I plan on getting some one-shots in. If you want to read the big sagas, I suggest you just read Digimon Z. The second has a cliff-hanger at the end, which leads to the third which is unfinished and on hold. I wouldn't advise reading my on hold stuff unless you are VERY patient. For one-shots, I'd reccomend Abandoned. I believe it's one of my best. If you want major Takari, then you might want to get familiar with Unbreakable Bond. If you're a Kari fan who's sick of Kari being helpless and weak, try Pain of Loss.

I several sagas I've started. First of all: Digimon Z. I first major fic series. It started out with me giving the DDs saiyan powers, but I've thrown in some new elements that came to me. I'm currently part 3 of 5. It's on hold right now due to my being burnt out.

Next I have Double Edge. I've made TK a member of a race called the darcodians. Similar to humans, but their physical abilities are vastly superior, and the brutal weather of their planet allows them to survive extreme temperatures. TK is trying to prevent a madman from releasing a warlord from dimensional limbo. This warlord caused a war that killed millions and TK wants to stop it from repeating. I put it on hold to work out some details. Now that it's fully planned out, I can start again once I'm ready. Part 1 of 3.

Last is Flames of War. When working on Digimon Z, I created one villian, Scorchermon, who I was very fun to use. I decided to make one where he was the badguy. In this one, Scorchermon has conquered the Digital World and crushed all rebels, except for two. TK and Kari. For this trilogy, I've given TK a fairly hard life. His mother's abusive. His father never wanted him, and Matt was convinced that TK was responsible for the divorce. When I started this, I didn't think it through enough, and came up with some elements I didn't like. So I'm rewriting it.

Unbreakable Bond: This is more like a collection of one-shots, one taking place right after the other. TK and Kari are living on some trashed building with only eachother. This will probably one of my most takari fics ever. I have no clue how I came up with it.