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6-23-2011: I've actually gotten some good Reviews for Garathon's Legend, which makes me feel kind of bad because I really didn't do all that great a job with it. Granted, I did start the story during a point in time where the universe wasn't very developed, but all the same. This is one of those ideas that never really did get old at all, but I stopped pursuing anyway for some reason. I'm doing more on, and am in the middle of writing a Legend of Zelda story, but once I'm done with that, I plan to come back and totally revamp the story, to such extent that I really have no choice but to remove the original because of the conflict of it all. Besides, it will technically be a new story. Just one using the exact same basic idea . . . and plot points.

anyway, here's my profile:


(My profile is much more cohesive)I am, of course, a nerd. I consider myself mostly a reader-type, that being rather rare to find in reality, but I do quite enjoy video games, most definitely, and there are certainly some animes I like as well.

Favorite/liked books: I read too much, so this is far from a complete list, but : The Lord of The Rings(bloody difficult to get through, and just as bad the second time, but that second go really makes the difference in understanding it all), Harry Potter(a solid series. Rowling really finishes it up well with book Seven), the Inheritance Cycle(props for it go way down after reading TLoTR, but it's still an excellent series so far), The Lost Years of Merlin series(only read book 1, but I love it and I've wanted to order the rest), the Halo novels(right bloody pain how much the games totally ignore them), the Percy Jackson series(his next series in the same universe is looking promising as well, though I have always preferred Norse mythology myself), Jurassic Park(almost flawless movie adaptation, though they really do make out the traitor guy to be more of a total dick than he is in the book), Timeline(this rounds out at my favorite. Crichton always did do his research, unlike most writers of medieval-type societies, and that really makes it engaging) and more than that.

A quick list of video games/series I enjoy: The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox(the N64 versions of these two practically sum up my early years), Metroid(I still have yet to figure out where I first heard of this series, considering how early I knew it and how absent it was at that time), Halo(has its ups and downs, but a damned good series, so far. Hope Microsoft doesn't f*ck it up now that Bungie's out of the picture), Mass Effect(can't play one without wanting the other, though. Hope 3 fixes all that), Fable(not that much anymore. Molyneux's been a real idiot recently), Borderlands(f*cking nuts and f*cking fun), Knights of The Old Republic(Wish the 2nd wasn't so mangled at the end, wish a real third game was coming, but nevertheless, can't wait for the MMO) and more than likely others.

The Same, but with animes: Code Geass(easily my favorite), FullMetal Alchemist(interesting basis, love that Ed's a cyborg, can't imagine why he wants his real limbs back considering how useful the replacements are), the standard Bleach, Naruto, and Inuyasha, some obscure 12-episode show called DemonBane(right up there Next to Code Geass), and that's pretty much it. Oh yes, and the earlier episodes of Pokemon, naturally.

About my username: At this point, it really has lost meaning to me. Originally, it's meaning stemmed from my Character Orion who, being my first OC, really was rather pseudo-god Gary Stu-ish. He was also extremely dynamic(in the sense of doing a lot, not changing a lot, though he's done that too). Me being passive, it evolved from there. Since I came up with the name, though, I have warped him into being what is essentially my character to poke fun with. Loves to fight, and that's about it, but he's the lacky of a mentally unstable deity(who, incidentally, I got by imagining myself, only immortal and nigh-omnipotent).

Otherwise, I am a horribly lazy human being, having reached the point where it bleeds over into every aspect of my life. I am moderately anti-social, but have actually been getting better. slowly. I pay small mind to common notions of popularity, style, fashion, etc. Rarely actually serious about anything in reality, unless it's to prove a point.

now, copy/paste stuff, because chain-letters are utterly moronic, but these are fun and harmless.

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