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ZaXo Ken'Ichi here!!

Name: ...I wish it was ZaXo...

Where I am: Behind you...

Age: 20 in April 2010.

About me: I'm a dude. I love Japan, and I love anime/manga. My favorites are Azumanga Daioh, School Rumble, Initial D, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, then Dragonball (the whole series). My favorite manga series is Yotsuba&!. I'm not the best writer, but if I can convey the emotions correctly, any of my deeper writings are guaranteed to make you 'feel' something :) I enjoy doing comedy (though I suck at it), romance, and tragedy, with some action and/or adventure thrown in. I like doing the 'hero' type story a lot as well. I don't do anything like excessive cussing, sexual content, or drug use or anything like that in my writing, because it's not in my nature, and usually will not cater to improving the narrative's of my stories anyway.

I write music and listen to a lot of music too. So usually when I'm writing stories, I HAVE to be listening to something deep, like Kamelot, City & Colour, or Killswitch Engage (with Howard) etc. But I also occasionally listen to smooth jazz like Chuck Loeb while writing too. If you read on of my stories and are curious as to what songs gave me the 'emotional flow' to write it, then message me. I love to draw, and I am trying very hard to improve my manga drawing skills. I am getting pretty good too. I like video games as well... Yup. I like the Katamari Damacy series, and RPG's the most (Final Fantasy the VERY most lol).

So anyway, I write on/am writing for too, so I rotate between writing there and here.

Well, let's get down to it :) Here is a list of my stories, brief summaries, and completion level (I hope I remember to update this. If you see that I have a story that isn't on the list, or one is updated further than what I have posted, please tell me.)


1. "When The Rain Falls"... This was my first thing I posted, and I still think it's my best. It really describes some things I went through, but with a happy ending, lol. It's a little confusing, but the emotion in it is still strong, so it's worth a look.

It's complete, and I don't have any plans to extend it unless people really want me too (like making what I have a prologue and then telling how they got to that point.) THIS HAS A REWRITE NOW AS THE SECOND CHAPTER!

2. "Watch Me Burn"... Just something I came up with due to the lyrics of a song I heard. Very short, but fairly powerful I think.


1. "No More Tears"... This song is kind of nice, and I decided to make a story about it as well. They don't mesh perfectly, but it's good enough to call these the lyrics to the story's 'theme song', lol.

These are done, as lyrics don't take forever to finish.

2. "Crash"... Crash is also a song to go along with No More Tears, and the story for it. They are fairly creative, and though they don't directly relate to the story, they are somewhat empowering (especially with the music behind them).

They're done... and that's all there is to it :)

3. "Delicate Balance"... These lyrics are suppose to go with the Azumanga Fanfic that I wrote for I did these ones to a song that I really enjoy, called "This Close", by Starbreaker. It's on Youtube, so check it out while you read the lyrics. They are kind of dark, but so is the story they are written for (it's a 'death-fic'). There are little rays of hope in both though. Really, even if you don't know Azu, you should take a look at that story, which I believe is my best work ever. It made me cry while writing it, it's so strongly written so and deep. My pen name on that site is the same as this one, and the story is called "The Delicate Balance Of Life", so check it out :)

The lyrics are done, and so is the story (going to be extended if enough people ask me to)... if only I could put them both on the same site :(

4. "You"... This is just a song about feelings. It didn't really happen to me or anything, but I have felt it before (boy have I), so the situation vaguely described just snuck itself on in the lyrics.

It's done...

5. "Midnight Paradise"... Another song, about the perfection everyone feels their true love possesses.


6. "The Sounds Of Amorphous"... This is where the rest of my lyrics will go from now on. Amorphous is my bands name.

Twenty-Six songs uploaded as of now.


1. "The Hero Of RidgeWood"... This little thing was just a random thing that came completely out of the blue. It's set up fairly well, and I think it keeps peoples attention well enough. There is a slight lack of power pertaining to the 'shock' factor and emotion, but it's still a decent read.

All four parts are up, and I really don't plan on extending this one... at all. It's just fine the way it is.

2. "No More Tears: The Story"... If I remember right, I did this after the lyrics. It's suppose to be a mix of general story, then action, and finally tragedy.

It's still only a third done, but I haven't been able to write the next part correctly (it doesn't play well to my strengths). When I get this done, and if it's done right, then it should be really good. Probably not my best, but it should keep people interested until the end.


1. "To Prove I Love You"... I was watching a music video one day and randomly got a full idea thrust into my head, yet the video had nothing to do with the themes in the story. Very touching and dark. Try it out :)


1. "The Pianist"... I was bored. How this story came to be is explained in the authors notes on the actual story so... not much to say here. It now has an angsty, dramatic epilogue of sorts. Very different from the first part.


1. "Soul Guardian: Family Ties"... Decided to test some things out for the manga I'm drawing at the moment. Not too bad if I do say so myself. In short story format.


1. "The Plight Of Music"... Just a quick look at how mass generalization in music can ruin the experience and enjoyment we get from it, as well as how this effects life in general.

2. "Bullying: The Real Solution"... A short essay about what I really believe is the solution to bullying. A choice in this matter that is all but lost in this 'politically correct' world of chaos we live in today.

3. "Character Misconceptions"... This is an essay I wrote explaining the difference between a 'perfect' character, and a Mary-Sue, using the movie Hitch as an example.

4. "ZaXo's Story: Prequel To Azu"... ZaXo's story may sound strange by looking at the title, but it's actually a prequel to my Azumanga Daioh fanfiction, entitled 'Higher Education'. COMPLETE! Link to Higher Education:

That's it for now. Love ya, lol ;)

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