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Hey!! I'm Venus and Aphrodite. I like Greek Mythology so I liked to be called Venus or Aphrodite.

I love to watch movies, read books and to listen in music.

Favorite movies: TWILIGHT(of course), Sweeeney Tood, Saw(all series...), Harry Potter, Final Destination, Blade, Resident Evil, Hairspray, Hellboy, James Bond, Kung Fu Panda, Hostel, Mamma MIa!, MIssion Impossible, Charlies Angels, Tomb Raider, Moulin Rouge, Wanted, Mr & Mrs. Smith, Phantom of the Opera, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, National Treasure, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, Pirates of the Carribean, Princess Diaries, Titanic, Transformers, Van Helsing, X-Men, Night at the Musuem, Dead Silence, Chronicles of Narnia, Big Stan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians:the Lightning Thief

Favorite books: TWILIGHT SERIES(of course), Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Goosebumps, Nancy Drew, Terry Deary SEries, Seven Deadly Sins, Harry Potter, Great Expectations, Little Women, Princess Diaries, Princess Academy, Shakespeare, Chicken Soup...

Favorite band/artist: paramore, muse, linkin park, rihanna, pussycat dolls, kat deluna, evanescence, chris brown, mariah carey, jojo, britney spears, pink, christina aguillera, katy perry, ne-yo, akon, radiohead, muthe math, usher, perry farrell, mario, carter burwell(Of course)...

favorite actors: logan lerman, tom cruise, robert pattinson, jeremy sumpter, brad pitt, peter facinelli, jackson rathbone, kellan lutz, robert downey jr., orlando bloom, leonardo di caprio, shia labeouf, johnny depp, pierce brosnan, hugh jackman, ben stiller, adam standler, ewan mcgregor, jude law, daniel radcliffe, robert de niro, al pacino...

favorite actress: olivia hussey, kristen stewart, anne hathaway, drew barrymore, ashley greene, nikki reed, elizabeth reaser, rachelle lefevre, nicole kidman, natalie portman, emma watson, keira knightley, lucy liu, cameron diaz, julia roberts...

My OOC's

Name:Wilhelmina Georgina Lafrelle




Appearance:long curly blonde hair, white eyes(if using witchcraft),red eyes(if thirsty),green eyes(if normal),5'7 tall,white complexion,British-French

Weapons/Abilities, including magic:power mimicry(could copy powers from another if she touches),withcraft

History: Pierre and Elizabeth are MIna's parents.Mina is the only child.Pierre is a vampire and Elizabeth is a witch.Vampire and witches are mortal enemies until her father and father fell in love when they saw each other in a night club.They escaped and live in far off place.Elizabeth bore a child with Pierre.When Mina was born, she killed Elizabeth.Pierre watched the scene and he got the child and sent it in the orphanage.And Pierre left, went to find someone to kill him.MIna grew in the orphanage.Then she went away until she noticed that she could bring destruction to them.And never seen again.Her personality is funny,cudly,short-tempered,fun to be with,moody,movieholic,searching for attention,easily to be hurt,over-confidence


Name:Scarlett Cyril Parsley



Race:resurrected wife of Lawrence

Appearance: pale, skinny, black and white hair, young

Personality:funny, short-tempered, moody, easily to be hurt, fun to be with

Bio:Scarlett was the wife of Lawrence Parsley, the owner of House of Nyght. Scarlett died because of giving birth to a chilf of Lawrence. Unfortunately, the child died. When Lawrence saw that he live in the world alone, he used wizardcraft to resurrect his wife. When he found out that he failed, he killed himself. Then his wife became alive and did the same to his husband.

Other:Mistress of the House of Nyght.

Name:Lawrence Clyde Parsley




Appearance: skinny,pale, white hair, young

Personality: patient, easily to be angry, serious, neutral

Bio:The husband of Scarlett who loves using magic in his experiment. Then he met Scarlett on one of the bar then he fell in love and asked her hand in marriage. They lived together and created the House of Nyght using wizarding powers. Then they too lived together. But after Scarlett's Death, he found out and search everything to bring life his wife. Unfortunately when he failed his experiment, he killed himself using also magic. After his death, his wife, Scarlett came to life. And did the same to her husband to be alive. And they lived together and waited for others to come.

Other:The Lord of the House of Nyght.

Name: Princess Venus Evenson

Race: Caucasian

Appearence: long curly blonde hair. blue eyes. a model, red cheeks, kissable lips

Backpack/purse:iPod, laptop, any fiction book

Height: 5'8 tall

Weight: 90 lbs.

Personality: funny,short-tempered,fun to be with,moody,searching for attention,easily to be hurt,over-confidence

Other:a movieholic, fashionista, bookworm

Name: Gwyneth Yvonne Beaumont


Race:immortal witch

Description:red long curly hair, white eyes(it using witchcraft), violet eyes(normal), British/French

Abilities:black magic, power sensing, psychic


Bio:Gwyn killed her family accidentally for using black magic.THen she never wanted to used again and entered herself in a psychological ward. Until a vision appeared and she went out to find it.

Others:likes to read books,likes to drive fast cars, likes to watch movies, and doesnt have a control on her black magic when she saw a whole family.

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