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Hey Jaid here, I love Fiction Press dot com, I love to write, but I can't commit to anything so most of my stories are one shots or short stories.

Finally back from the vaca I can write again. I am so obsessed with the suffix -ness currently it's really annoying but I can't stop I'm always like

"Oh my god, he is so the hotness" or if I see a cockaroach I'm like "EWNESS!" it's getting really annoying.! ergh

I love to dance, it's my trade and I'm currently in the process of trying out for cheerleading. Ugh working hard on the jumps.

I've been a member of for a while now and I just found out of it's sister site Fiction Press, so I'm new as of 7-6-09!

I love writing, my field is in the Romance area, but I might expand my horizons you know. My stories contain some or a lot of sexuality so careul.

But not all of them so don't be scared! I eventually want to have written a story in every genre on this website, wish me good luck!

School's gonna start soon. Top of the school this year at Lester, Okinawa! Japan so rocks when it comes to buying cute school supplies and a lifesaver for girfts for your friends on-base! I love Jusco! It's like the Wal-Mart of Okinawa okay never mind it's way classier let's just call it a mall!

I just went to see my fave band in concert! Go Linkin Park you guys rock so fcking hard! Ha ha just saying! I just love love LOVE that band!

Check out my Fan Fictions at FanFiction.net pen name also JaidUnspoken!

Personally I believe every situation has a song to it, so my stories/chapters all have an exerpt, scene or verse from a play, song, or movie.

Stories & One Shots:

Toe Touch: Terra's dreams were shattered with one turn of her foot, she turns to her boyfriend Shane for comfort, he can potect her but what if

he needs to be protected and can he do it forever? What happens when a specific girl falls for Shane, what with Terra do about her and where is

Shane when she needs to be protected the most? (In-Progress)


Sweet Love, Sweet Revenge- Popular guy (Jacob) is dating popular girl (Mimi), they break up and popular guy wasn't ready. His plan to get her back

involves popular boy to date unpopular girl (Kimberly Ann). Unpopular girl and popular boy start to date, unpopular girl falls heels over head in love with

popular boy, you do the rest. (Complete)

Elliot Marshall- The Semi Common Man- A branch of Sweet, Love, Sweet Revenge. Elliot Marshall's story began when he decided to dance with

the wrong girl, Kim Smith. Read in his perspective of what happened that night and what happened after the party he met the girl of his dreams

and became the second King. (In-Progress)

Coming Soon:

After Four Years: I loved this guy but my love was unrequited, my first puppy-love in my life, he knew it, but he never got the chance to anything

about it, I moved a month after I found out he knew of my secret crush. I haven't seen him in four- almost five- years. Four years later, I had had

more crushes and boyfriends and even my first real love. I'd always told myself to forget him and it worked, or I thought it did but when he moved

to my new town, he was there to answer all my questions and will he fufill my unrequited love? Will he be my second love?

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Toe Touch reviews
The well rounded Terra & boyfriend Shane are going through a lot of things being in the eighth grade. Trying out for the high school teams and keeping up with everything, there's no time to find drama. But it doesn't stop drama from finding them.
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EMSCM is a branch of my series Sweet Love, Sweet Revenge, I advise you to read SLSR first but if you didn't it still makes sense. Elliot Marshall, after his night of... well yeah, his life after goes on with Kim, but will it go on with Jake & Em?
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Sweet Love, Sweet Revenge reviews
Jacob Anderson, king of the 9th grade loses his girlfriend, the queen of the 9th grade sohe goes out with Kimberly Ann Smith, the complete laughing stock of the preps. Does he fall out of love with Emilia or fall for Kimberly Ann or will it all turn aroud
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The Survival of the Carchadon megalodon reviews
I read this book about an ancient shark called the Carchadon megalodon binomial name or megalodon/meg for short. This essay is about if is still existed if we should kill it or not. It also talks about all animals rites.
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