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I suppose I should say something about me... Well, I love to read, sing, and the occasional creative writing. Mostly my stories are slash but there are some het. I want to be a journalist and I'm going to college so I'm not really going to have time to do stories ALL the time. Forgive me?


Sex: Read below, you'll figure it out.

Age: Older then 12...younger then 18. Guess right and I'll give you a cookie.

Orientation: Bi.

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Vids you must see!!:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQTvSxFatIA&feature=player_profilepage the lip-sync on this is awesome!! it is THE akuroku song

The weird things in my life...:

"Dad, if we are all brothers and sisters in Gods eyes, then isn't mariage incest?"- one night discussing godly matters... I reeeally weirded him out with that...


"Ah it hurts!"

"What hurts dad...?" feel the sarcasm!

"Those pajamas! The Wicked Witch met Uncle Sam and had an illegitimate child!!"

"Love you too dad, goodnight."


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"And this is Dm" (for those who like me, until recently, don't know what that is its D minor.)

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Like I said you need help .


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Removed for edit.
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Just Something
My name is Tracy Higgans, drama geek and proudly forsaken of my closet. I like gardening, avoiding my druggie mother, not getting involved in drug lords and finally, Cealum. Our schools soccer star. Things would be better, if he hadn't seen me crying on the sidewalk and decided that I needed to be followed before I decide to off myself of something... T...for now
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