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Hello, Yes my name really is Domia. I love art, books, pictures and yaoi. I'm actually Irish-Indian and I love Asian, Irish, And indian culture. I love Music, can't live without it.


Music-Rock, Goth rock, Japanese rock, celtic music, alternative, classical.

Color- Green and Blue

Books- Manga mostly but I read online alot.


1. Full Name:

Domia Lyran (not my real last name)

2. Nicknames:

Mia, MiaKat

3. Birthday:

July 18

4. Place Of Birth:


5. Zodiac Sign:


6. Male Or Female:

Um, I think I'm a girl...I got all the right parts...

7. School:

HA! College!!

8. Occupation:

Writer, nursing school student.

9. Residence:

I house somewhere in the western hemisphere.

10. MSN Screen Name:


Your Appearance_

12. Hair Colour:


13. Hair Length:

Middle of my back.

14. Eye Colour:

Dark sometimes golden brown.

15. Weight:

About 135 lbs.

16. Height:

5' 7"

17. Braces?:

Nope, just lovely teeth.

18. Glasses?:

Yep. Glasses are sexy.

19. Piercings:

Ears, twice, and belly button.

20. Tattoos:

Nautical star on my right shoulder.

21. Righty Or Lefty:



22. First Best Friend:


23. First Award:

Perfect attendence.

24. First Sport:

Never played, actuallly.

25. First Pet:

A cat named Crystal.

26. First Real Vacation:

Camping at Crystal Lake.

27. First Concert:


I love ROCK!!

28. First Love:

Eliza Dushku. (I'm bi, sue me)


29. Movie:

Donnie Darko, Princess Mononoke.

30. TV Show: Full Metal Alchemist, CSI (all of them), Law and Order (all), and NCIS, and lots of other animes.

31. Color:

Green, blue and purple

32. Rapper:

I hate rap...

33. Band/Artist:

The Doors and the Beatles

34. Song Right Now:

Ohio is for Lovers

35. Friends:

Sarah, Jason, Neva, Elecia, Mike, and Danny

37. Sport:


38. Restuarant:

Japanese Buffet.

39. Clothing Brand:


41. School Subject:

English and History.

42. Animal:

Cat and Wolves.

43. Book/Author:

Libba Bray's Trilogy and The DarkAngel Trilogy by Meridith Anne Pierce/

44. Magazine:

Guitar World.

45. Shoes:

Cute ones.


46. Feeling:


47. Single Or Taken:


48. In love:

He thinks we are...

49. Eating:


50. Drinking:


51. Typing:

Uh, this?

52. Online?:


53. Listening To:

Awesome music.

54. Thinking About:

Sexxy guys with masochistic tendencies

55. Wanting To:


56. Watching:

The computer screen?

57. Wearing:



58. Want Kids?:

In 10 years...

59. Want To Get Married?

Ass much as I wanna choke to death on my own vomit...

60. Careers In Mind:

Nurse, fashion designer...

61. Where Do You Want To Live:

UK. France.

62. Car:

Viper...I wish.

More Stuff:

- My ex...


2 - Maybe I should...


3 - I love...

Bakery goods, especially pie...

4 - People would say that I'm...

fucking nutty...

5 - I don't understand...


6 - When I wake up in the morning...


7 - I lost...

My mind long ago...

8 - Life is full of...


9 - My past is...


10 - I get annoyed when...

people act stupid

11 - Parties are...

kinda dull

12 - I wish...

for excitement

13 - Dogs...

are adorable

14 - Cats...

are awesome

15 - Tomorrow...

Is too soon

16 - I have low tolerance...

for customers

17 - If I had a million dollars...

I would move to the UK

18 - I'm totally terrified...

Of ladybugs (they bite,man).




2 - YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first three letters of your name and 'izzle')


3 - YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favourite colour and favourite animal)

= Green Panther

4 - YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (your middle name and the street you live on)

= Kallen Spruce Place...Ok..

5 - YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first)

= Lyrdo..HeeHeeHee

6 - YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (your second favorite colour, and favourite drink)

= Black Sobe

7 - YOUR IRAQI NAME: (second letter of your first name, third letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, second letter of your mum's maiden name, third letter of your dad's middle name, first letter of a sibling's first name, and last letter of your mum's)

= Ormoira

8 - YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (your parents' middle names)

= Marie Raymond

9 - YOUR GOTH NAME: (bloody and your pet's name)

Bloody Moira...I kinda like it...

I'm writing a story but it's going slow cause I have so much to do, I hope to at least post ther first chapter soon, though, so wish me luck!

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