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Hola!(: You a-r-e on my profile. A.k.A. BrOoKe, A.k.A. Me:D

I am…

A writer, yet a reader.

A follower, yet a leader.

A believer, and a dreamer.

A lover, not a hater.

I fly to my goals and dreams, but when I f\a\l\l, I fall hard, crashing to the ground like my dreams.

I believe that t.h.e.r.e are things in life that are what you need or what you want. People find more p’l’e’a’s’u’r’e in what they want, rather than what t h e y need. But there are certain things in life that fulfill the want and the need. What I m-ea-n by this, you ask? My answer is love.

I want…

To fly, but not fall.

Not to be short, but not to be tall.

To reach my dreams in any possible way.

But not to give my life away.

My s#t#o#r#i#e#s are based on the romance that I wish to –have-. I put a little bit of me in e:a:c:h and every character. My story status’s you ask? Well here they are:

I'm Fallin-Eleven Chapters-Complete: You might know this story as "My Love Story and More", I just changed the name. This was my first complete fictionpress story, so I apologize for the short chapters and if my writing seems poor. :P

You Belong With Me-Five Chapters-Complete: Based off of the music videos of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" Only five chapters, but I had so much fun writing it, and I think it's cute(;

Runaway-Four Chapters-In Progress: A natural love-hate relationship. Both guy and girl on the run from home and meet on a train..(; I know I have commitment problems with stories, so I'll always have the next chapter written before I post a chapter. I haven't started Chapter Six yet, so Chapter Five might take a while to be up, unless, of course, I get 20 reviews(;! I'm really happy with the reviews this story is getting. Really guys, I love you!

The Endless Beginning- One Chapter-Complete, Oneshot: My very first oneshot. It all started with a bet that was sealed with a kiss…

I try…

To look, but also see.

To hear, but also listen.

To touch, but also feel.

To know, but also understand.

I like most any f.i.c.t.i.o.n./f.a.n.t.a.s.y. books, e s p e c I a l l y rOmAnCe! What are a few of my \f/a\v/o\r/i\t/e\s/, you ask? Well, a couple:

Harry PotterNicholas Sparks booksPrincess DiariesMeg Cabot booksMy Sister's KeeperJunie B JonesPeter and the StarcatchersMagic in ManhattanPercy JacksonUnderland ChroniclesSisters GrimmSisterhood of the Traveling PantsTwilightetc.(;

It (w)oul(d) b’e g-rea-t, yet b#o#r#i#n#g for you, if you visited me and my friEND’s website: . I w,o,u,l,d call it an e p I c fail, don’t r.e.a.l.l.y. know a=b=o=u=t you(;

I fear…

Love, but not the idea of it.

Spiders, even the smallest ones.

To be alone, yet to be surrounded.

My life, but not the ones around it.

Shout out to all my REadERs, and those who are looking at my profile. THANKS! For the reviews support, everything. I’m the t_y_p_e of girl who n e e d s constant reassurance! E,s.p,e.c,i.a,l.l,y. since I got my very f1i1r1s1t flame D:

I love…

To be lonely, and to have company.

To listen to music, but not just a single instrument.

To pretend that there’s a happy ending to everyone’s story.

To know, but not to learn.

Have you ever been in l’ov’e? Are y-o-u in love? I o,n’c,e’ claimed that I was. What’s y(ou)r story? PM me, follow me on twitter: lexiandbrooke, email me: obsessedwithbooks17@. F0ll0W m!e! tUmBlr: http:///. T@lk to me, I can be your best friend or your worst enEMy!

I wish…

To be an everafter, without losing ones I loved.

To be a halfblood, but to not be in danger.

To be a vampire, without the transformation.

To be a wizard, and meet Harry Potter.

Just in case you ever need a good fictionpress to read, my absolute favorite is "Love Game", by All Over You. My other two favorites are "Serial Hottie", by MsKelly and "I Shouldn't Love You", by itsadangerouslove and t2w2o of my very favorite authors are MsKelly (She's actually publihed a book!) and All Over You, who w:r:o:t:e the Masterson Series, of which #Love Game# is the f1i1r1s1t. The Masterson Series is my all time favorite!


"What a marshmallow!"- Jacob Black, New Moon

"Dad, I'm not a kid anymore, I know what PMS means. It's pissed-at-men-syndrome."- Jonah, The Last Song

Puck Quotes! I love puck!

"Take care of my heart, I've left it with you."- Edward Cullen, New Moon

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." "What a stupid lamb." "What a sick masochistic lion."- Bella and Edward, New Moon

"Do you love me?"- Aquamarine

"I'll name you Bobby!"- Rachel Weinstein, Magic in Manhattan

"Doesn't it bug you? How your last name is a first name, and your first name is a last name... and a name of a soup." Anna Fitzgerald, My Sisters Keeper

"Boys are like ticks!"- Anonymous

"It's m'lady eating pancakes, it's m'lady telling me to stop taking pictures," "What are you doing?" "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! Cries"- Chad Dylan Cooper, Sonny With A Chance

"On the highway to hell, if you see my dad, kick his ass for me." Luke, The Lightning Thief

"I can't pee, with her watching me!" Grover, The Lightning Thief

"Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceded. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offence and it is not resentful."- Landon and Jamie, A Walk to Remember

"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the first part."-Tyler Hawkins, Remember Me

"I don't date sociology majors." "Lucky for you... I'm undecided." "About what?" pauses "Everything." -Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig, Remember Me

"I have my dessert first." "Is that a political statement? A medical condition, perhaps?" "I just don't see the point in waiting. I mean, what if I die while eating my entree?" "Is that probable?" "It's possible. What if I choke? What if an asteroid come hurling down onto the restaurant?... I'll tell you what, if you swear on your eternal soul that I'll make it through my entree, then I'll wait. But before you answer, consider that if something does happen, you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing that not only did you lie to me, but you denied of my one last indulgence. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility?" -Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig, Remember Me

tries to kiss her, but is denied "Not tonight. Not never, but just not tonight." "So, dessert first in case of asteroids, yes. But kissing a guy you seem at least somewhat attracted to before riding off into the unknown New York night alongside a panda you've only just met, no?" kisses him "You're weird." "I know." -Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig, Remember Me

"Huh. So, this is the whole playful 'you get me all wet' part, right?" "Why make it sound cheap?" "It is cheap. I've seen this scene a hundred times. You know what never happens in this scene though? Tyler, who doesn't really go to school? Tyler, who doesn't care about his job?" "No?" "No?"
lifts up the pot of spaghetti and dumps it on Tyler "That." -Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig, Remember Me

"Roses are red, violets are blue, you may not know it, but I love you too." -Micheal Moscovitz, Princess Diaries

"He thinks I'm a little naive." "Are you?" "Sometimes." -John Tyree and Savannah Lynn Curtis, Dear John

"I know. But... I'm not perfect, either. In the end, it's only God's judgement that matters, and I've learned enough to know that no one can presume to know the will of God." -Savannah Lynn Curtis, Dear John

“Did you get my text?” “Yes.” “Well you didn’t text me back!”- Umbridge and Dumbledore, A Very Potter Sequel

and a bazzillion more!


2/12/10- I'm Fallin(My Love Story and More) is finished! Finally! I may or may not write a sequel.

6/9/10- You Belong With Me is finished! Ya'll, I had so much fun with writing this story. I hope you had just as much fun reading it. Thanks for your continued support!

8/15/10- Started Runaway! I deleted Skin, so I would stick to just one story. Hope you like it so far. It's just a prolougue.

8/30/10- Chapter Two is up! Chapter Three is finished and will be put up once I finish Chapter Four.

9/11/10- RIP, all those died that day in 9/11

9/12/10- Sorry for not updating Runaway in forever! Or reviewing the stories I usually do! My internet was down, I just about died D:

9/17/10- Going out of town, will finish Chapter Four in car if it's the last thing I do!

9/20/10- Chapter Three is up! Chapter Four is written! Chapter Five is halfway through! Getting so hard to update, have soccer almost every day of the week:P Not to mention homework. Ugh! I'm taking so long to update nowadays. Review though!

9/21/10- Just finished the most amazing fp by All Over You called Love Game. Awesomeness!

9/22/10- Just thought of the coolest oneshot idea. I've never written one before, but I'm going to try. Currently taking a break from Ch 5 of Runaway. But I will stick to my word and put up Ch 4 if I get 15 reviews. Four more, people!

9/23/10- The Endless Beginning, my very first one-shot is now up! Read and review. Sorry about the rushed Authors Note, I was doing it in the middle of the night when I should've been asleep(;

9/24/10- I got my very first flame:( It was on my one shot, and I'm totally upset. I appreciate constructive criticism, but my style is my style, ya'll. If you sense a delay on Runaway, it was because of this.

9/27/10- I realize that my flame reviewer was right about one thing. My spelling and grammar mistakes. So I'm going to run through The Endless Beginning one more time, and hopefully all will be fixed. As of my story being too unprobable, I'm sorry. The Endless Beginning edited version should be up soon. Read and Review. Also sorry if I'm crabby today, had to get shots:( Oh again, also, someone pointed out to me that on Runaway the character's maturity level isn't very high, but I apologize because I'm only twelve years(almost) old and i'm trying my best to think like eighteen year olds. Thanks for your continued support.

10/11/10- Just finished writing Chapter Five of Runaway, and so I uploaded Chapter Four. Sorry for the extremely late update! I've been so busy:( On the bright side, my birthday is in 17 days, and even if I don't finish Chapter Six by then, I'll put Chapter Five up(: I'm such a sweetheart(;

10/12/10- Started my new profile on word, looks fantabulous!

10/18/10- New profile is up!!:D

7/7/12- Oh my lord, I haven't been on this site in years! Well, I'm back and better than ever. I downloaded Runaway on my iPod, and it is now in major editing mode. I won't be changing the story line, but my grammar, spelling, and word choices should show a HUGE improvement.

8/1/12- I just made a tumblr! Follow me at http:///.

8/2/12- Okay, so I didn't work on Runaway at all until today... But now the new and improved prologue is now up! Read and review!

Toodles for now!



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