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Name: Alice (my real name) / Ally (wat my friend Melanie calls me) / Alison (what my friend Johnny calls me) / Alice in Wonderland (corny reference) / weirdo (obvious title if you've ever met me) / crazy-ass (same as weirdo) ... etc

Age: unless you figure it out or do some snooping (if you do you're a stalker!!) you'll never find out from me!

Want to know anything about Al? Just contact me, I'm her personal stalker!! Cherry649 is my user name!!

when the hell did that get there?! oh well watever. Anyways, yes she is my personal stalker tho i think shes moving on from that. pity really, she could've made a great stalker, or if she wanted it to be semi-legal, PI. I keep telling her that it'd be a great idea for her to be a PI but I think she'll stick to writing.

She's a great writer by the way, even if her stuff is leaning more to the emo-ish side. Swear to GAWD tho, she ain't emo. Just a little disturbed. Thank heaven for small favors that you don't know her. If u do, like I do (she's my unofficial god-sis, got no idea how that works btw) she drives me up the wall, round the bend, and straight into the nut house.

Where do u think i met her?

Anyways, Cherry is not my only BFF even tho she is my one nd only unofficial god-sis. My friend Faye Faye mu Faye Faye, don't know how she got that ridiculous nickname, think my 8th grade history teacher gave it to her, she's my bestest beauty queen buddy in the whole world. She's also a photo whore to the extreme. She made me go into a professional photo studio for FUN. Who the hell does that for fun?! Faye does. She's crazier than bat-shit. How can bat-shit be crazy btw? Gah, who da hell knows?

Moving on, besides Cherry the loon and Faye the photo whore, my next bestie would be Vanessa, the goddess of all things random nd unrelated to the topic of conversation. I swear, we could be talking about butterflies nd she comes out with Gawd knows what. Its very funny at times nd other ppl can be freaked out by it which just makes it so much funnier.

Another of my bestest BFF's is Pam Pam, also known as shayne, Pampers, Pom Pom, nd a barage full of other nicknames that are related, unrelated, nd make no sense watsoever. Pam Pam, as I call her, is a chocolate addict. MY fellow partner in crime in that area. I'm such a fatass, i know, but chocolate is WAYYYYY too hard to pass up. That's like flipping off the pope or something. I'm not catholic, just making a slightly offensive simile. Yeah, im offensive. don't like it. don't care. go shove it up ur sphinxer til u feel it in ur throat. I DONT CARE.

Back on topic now, Kristine is another of my BFF's even tho she's more like my mature/innocent big sister. SHe's so sweet you wanna pinch her cheeks. She's got like chubby cheeks too. If ur reading this Kristine, it's a compliment, don't let the devil children (cherry nd faye) tell u otherwise. besides chubby sheeks, she also got this really mature innocence to her. She's older than me nd my friends by a few months or so so she's like our big sis, but she's also like our little sis cuz she is practically lily white. We make horrible, crude sex jokes all the time but she just laughs with us even tho i dont think she gets it. its really refreshing to find one teen who's mind is not rotten yet.

Now, while Kristine is like, totally innocent, Melanie, my fellow BIOTCH is very much down in the gutters neck deep in sex jokes. she could double entendre with the best of them. She's really awesome nd she wont taKE NO SHIT FROM NO ONE. i respect her for that tho i wanna sock her if she tries to put her foot in my ass one more time. I dont give a shit if u a mexicano bitch, fuck with me nd ill fuck right back. I'm asian btw. nd if ur reading this Melanie, yeah, this all the truth. Ur foot really hurts.

besides them, there aint many other ppl who i really regard as a close friend. if any u reading this, take it from me, dont matter if i say i hate u, i dont love many ppl so consider it a sign that i dont consider u shit that i dont take no notice of.

That's pretty much all i have to say. Yeah i babbled about my friends for most of this "about me" section. Dont care. my friends make me who i am so this is me. Cherry649 can tell u straight up what im really like.

got nothing more to say now cuz my hands r hurting.

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