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Hello there, you person you! Welcome to my profile!

So, as my username might lead you to believe, my first name is Kayleigh (Kay-lee) and my last name starts with the letters MacD. You can fill in the last few letters with your imagination.

I only recently started publishing on fictionpress, but the account has existed for years. I used to go by Shooting Stars and Satellites (and before that People of the Moon), but then I changed it when I decided to publish stuff because...because.

I'm no stranger to how fictionpress works, in spite of the short time I've actually published on it, because of my former fanfiction account, Uxiegirl. I started that account when I was 11 (so yeah, I wasn't technically old enough) and if you're curious about my whole life story, you can just read that profile over there. It'll tell you how I started writing, a summary of all the stories I've written on the site, and a short paragraph on the bottom about my demise. And, while you're over there, you can maybe skim my old stories a little. Leave a review. I do still read those once in a blue moon.

So, I decided to publish on fictionpress, three years after my fanfiction virus horror, because of a single story. Birds. I thought...well, kinda still think...that's it's really awesome even if it's nothing like what I wrote on fanfiction. But, unfortunately, nobody else really thinks so. So, I decided to put it up on here where it can be read, and appreciated, and complimented, and all those awesome things. So check that thing out. And, if you really like it, you can check out the sequel, The Curses.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm extremely easily influenced when it comes to writing. I'll read Twilight and think it's the best thing ever, and then decide I must be the sort of author that writes in first person about sparkly vampires. Then I'll read Harry Potter and understand that of course it's the greatest book in the universe, so I must be the sort of author that writes in third person about wizards that go to school. And so on and so forth. So therefore, I have gradually become good at doing both styles of writing - third and first - through fanfiction and through writing Birds.

I don't wanna give away too much about Birds, due to all the "fun facts" I've put in there, so you just mosey on down there and take my word for it that it gets better as it goes on. There's a prologue with kinda sloppy details that don't make loads of sense. There's a couple of chapters that seem a little weird too, but eventually there will be a silver lining of awesomeness and that's probably why you're reading this anyway.

There's a poll, right above you. Right there. See it? Yeah, it's asking whether or not I should continue writing the sequel to Birds. And even though it's already up, I've decided to keep the poll up anyways. Just in case. Thanks so much to all the people who have voted yes. Without you guys, there wouldn't be a sequel right now. :)

But anyway, maybe some of you aren't here for Birds, but because I've reviewed on your story. Since I've been on here, I have noticed I've tended to read stories without any reviewers just because I pity those writers' poor reviewerless souls and yeah, it sucks not to have any reviews. I try to be as constructive as possible, and I want all of you guys to know that. The last thing I want is to hurt anybody's feelings about anything or make anyone think they shouldn't write anymore, but ultimately my goal is to be the best reviewer I can be (lame as that is...). To me, that means saying everything on my mind AND being nice about it. Putting in my own two cents. And not everybody thinks the same way as me, but...whatever. I try. :P

Starting out with this thing (you know...fictionpress) I thought I was just gonna publish my Birds thing and be on my merry way. But then I got bored and started skimming the fantasy section. As school went on, I've had less and less time to actually do that, but generally, I target stories with one chapter, no reviewers, and less than 10,000 words (cuz I'm not that bored). But it's not like those are the only stories I'll read either. I'll target other pitiful souls with no reviewers, souls who review on Birds, and souls that just so happen to have very interesting summaries and I can't stay away. But seriously, I'm bored a lot (at least right now anyway) so shoot me a PM or something and ask me to read your story. Because I will. And I'll probably follow it too, as long as it's not...you know...horribly horribly horribly awful. (Not like that would happen.)

I think putting a writer's personality into a story is very important. I mean, it's one thing to read a story for the plotline and such, but I like it when writers connect to their readers and respond to reviews and all that. When I started Birds, at the beginning and end of every chapter I put an author's note in bold. Now, though, I reply to all my reviews in PMs because it doesn't ruin the dramatic effect as much and because it's more personalized. But I don't know. Responding makes me feel like a better person. I feel like Birds is the first story I've written where my own personality really shows through even in the storyline as well as in the author's notes or the PMs. My goal is to convince you that I'm really a good person to have a drink with, even though I'm probably not and I'm underage so it would be illegal. And I would care that it's illegal. But I'm gonna try to convince you I'm fun to be around. Even though I'm not. To get that clear. Okay, moving on.

What else can I say...um...I'm a Taurus...long walks on the beach aren't really my thing cuz the wind's always in my ears...I live in California, in the Bay Area somewhere. You'd know where that was if you lived in it. I have the most adorable dog ever, and I think I'm gonna make him my profile picture eventually (or already, depending on what day it is). I'm fifteen and I'm in high school, and I have one sister, and...just read the fanfiction account if you're really that curious.

But I guess I can tell you I really love magic. I gotta say, it's something I've always loved putting in my stories. So even if I have no idea if I'm a third person or first person writer, magic's gonna be a part of it. I'm even an almost Wiccan (Shh. Don't tell.) and so yeah. It's pretty important to me. And if you happen to have amazing magical powers, you gotta PM me to tell me all about them. And if you're a hot guy, you will have to marry me. Or not. Or maybe. It depends.

What else can I tell you...everything's pretty much the same from when I was eleven. Except, of course, I'm better looking (longer hair and makeup and stuff!!) and I figured out that I don't hate talking (I'm just really shy), and my favorite band's not DCFC anymore because they're just totally depressing (I still like them sometimes though), and I gave up on my vampire tale (cuz I guess it was stupid), and I don't really talk to my cousin that much anymore (cuz we had a cyber battle), and now my best friend's a ginger (who's also Jewish), and this is a run-on sentence and I bet it's annoying a lot of people who are grammar nazis like me.

You really wanna know more? Just go to the fanfiction account because that's all I'm gonna say, okay?!?! But this was lots of fun...we should do this again sometime.

And here are my stories...

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