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Salutations all, my name is Dr. Benett Colombe Warminski, and I'm here to spread insanity and wisdom and maybe some chaos and hysteria and maybe I’ll start like a water gun fight and give out cookies.

Okay so a little bit about me, before we get the show on the road.

I love to write obviously, and I love to read. I like action and adventure stories.

I’ve been writing for a while, so I guess I’m pretty okay it, I mean, there are others out there way better than me, as you all should know.

Ummm, well I'll be writing a lot about my character, Artemis Himmelreich, I’ll explain her later and I sorta write in an anime style, and I might throw a cliffhanger or two at you, because they’re fun, I hope no one minds.

Yes I do in fact like anime, so if you have a recommendation please throw it my way.

My favorite genres of writing are: Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Sci Fi, Fable, Fantasy, Horror, Anime/Manga style, Mythology, Mystery, Drama, and Young Adult.

I like to write in detail and I’m a tad bit morbid, please bear with me, I’m a bit of a twisted sister.

Gender: Female
Age: Whatever age I wanna be
Race: African American, and totally proud of it.


I'm hyper, I have an open mind, I laugh at flames (as I'm sure most of you all do, but helpful criticism is welcome, as we all know the difference between flames and actually criticism); I love to write and I hunger for improvement. That and I am insane and I like sarcasm.

I'm a pretty slow updater. Seriously I am, I try to update fast but it usually doesn’t happen so I apologize in advance for the delays.

I love messages, reviews, criticisms and pointers, I hope you all aren't shy ‘bout mind giving those, cause I’m not, though when I find a story I like I tend to just fan over it and end up not being much help...

Well now onto some of my favorite things:

Naruto, Bleach, Keroro Gunso, and One Piece but most of all Hetalia Axis Powers!! Which is slowly becoming my life, but I’m totally okay with it. Hetalia is no longer my life, and I've added Witch Hunter, K Project and several other animes to my list of things I'm crazy about.

I love video games and music, books, and I like fruit, (which doesn’t fit in this list but whatever) and I love stories. Which is why I'm here. (I've said that a lot so it must be true) XD

You see I'm working on a project with my OC. Her name is Artemis Vyxen Rozalinda Himmelreich and she is me in a way, but I’m trying to kill any kind of Mary Sue-ness in her.

I use her for just about everything and she had her own Original Story that I'm hoping I can publish and turn into a book (wish me luck on that) but I also use her for Fanfiction, though I haven’t written a lot of fanfiction as of late.

Stories and Projects

Menagerie no Chiisai

It's a work in progress and I have to say I don't update as often as I should but I'm trying. So I'd appreciate it if you read and reviewed by story. It helps me a lot. I actually like this idea, but at the moment it's getting rather dry. Hopefully I'll find another burst of inspiration but until then please review. I'd appreciate some feedback okay.

Well that's all I have to say on Menagerie no Chiisai.

Note: Menagerie no Chiisai will be on HIATUS for a while. I’m narrowing on indefinitely but I may later revamp the story and make it worth reading.

7/17/11: Think of a revamp of story currently but I welcome any suggestions on what you'd like to see.

9/30/12- It's on a Permanent Hiatus.

Now onto to World Wide

It’s my newest plot bunny turned into a full on obsession. I have so many plots and characters for that story it’s not even funny, okay maybe it is.

WW is the result of my Hetalia bug and the fact that I love reading history and learning about new cultures and languages.

Now the whole purpose of this story is well to have something entertaining to write that I won’t get bored with so easily.

Now the basic story follows the main ten on their daily adventures throughout school and life in general, though as I mentioned earlier there are other characters and with them (Main 10) included I make all kinds of What if! Stories and other drabbles and one-shots that are too fun to resist. (It's so hard too resist these characters, they practically do their own thing)

The fun-est (not a word XD) thing about this story is that there is no set story; so therefore no rules I truly have to follow, no set parings (thought I’m inclined to a few of them) and no set time or ending I have to work towards.

Also on this particular story I’m looking for request and challenges, since I have to get better at writing somehow.

So if you have a request or an idea hit me up on it and I’ll see if I can do. Also if you want to learn about the characters that I have for this story please let me now, and I’ll do a shot for them.

I have one character for just about every country (Well the countries that I know of and the ones I find interesting; similar to Hetalia) and then I have some countries that are left empty because of the fact that I have yet to get to them or that I don’t have an idea on where to start on them, so if you want to request a character I’m happy to do that tool.

Well other then this being my favorite thing and the thing I’m going to focus on for some time that’s all there is to say about World Wide.

7/17/11: I've decided to post the stories separately from now one, and I'm going to take World Wide down and repost the chapters individually. Okay thankies

9/30/12: This series is an an official Hiatus, in fact I may take all of the stories down.


New Project

I'm currently doing a story titled The Life and Times of A Boy Named Viktoriya!!! It's a comdey, parody thing that I'm going to post sometime, either today or maybe next week. I'll tell you more when I actually do get around to posting it.

9/30/12: This story never got off the ground and as a result is on hiatus.

9/30/12: Occult Theory: Numinous The Artemis Himmelreich Cycle

I've been working on this story for years and have finally decided to post the first four chapters up. I'd like to see how others respond to the idea. Please read and review, as I'd like to see how I can improve in my writing and storyline.

2/28/13: I've taken those 4 chapters down.

2/28/13: UNCANNY

UNCANNY is just a collection of short stories, drabbles and projects (that may or may not be related) that I'm going to post here, purely to improve my writing skills So far all the chapters correlate to my Original Story- Occult Theory, and some of them are more canon to my story then others.

Well until next time TTFN; Ta Ta For Now

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