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Name: I am everyone and no one

Age: I am before and after time

Location: I am every where and nowhere.

Hobbies: (self evident) writing and being a smart ass. (not so evident) armature photo editing, listening to music, playing video games, and hanging with friends.

My description from myself and others: Dark, humble, loyal, intelligent, helpful, bad speller (thank heavens for spell check i use it i love it so what), poetic, shy, funny, crazy, etc.

My literary taste: (famous authors) Stine, Puzo Dekker (genre) Gangster fiction(mob not thug), suspense, horror, Book with deeper meaning or make you think ex: ayn rand's Anthem

Musical taste: Ozzy, metalica, sixx am, slipknot, eminime, korn, pod, chyenestokes, escape the flood, icp, twiztid, dark lotus, flyleaf, gwar, etc

Artistic note: As mentioned before i do photo edites you can find them here-

I am also cowriting a story with a friend it can be found here- http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2673216/1/Elements_of_Prophecy