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"In a field full of thorns, even a lone wilting rose becomes beautiful in the eyes of a passerby."

About the Author

Hi. My name is Bea. :)

As far as I am concerned, I am a very poor high school student who loves reading and writing slash. I am also one of those people who have short attention spans and can't seem to finish one story. Don't worry though, I try my really best to finish my stuff. Keyword is try. Usually I only have enough attention to finish a oneshot in a month. Haha.

School is stupid. But all of you probably know that by know. I mean yeah, school can be cool sometimes, but homework is one of the stupidest things mankind has created. Ugh. A lot of my activities and family stuff take up my time and brain space, but you can breathe easy because there'll always be a special place for writing in my heart.

I used to use really complex words before, like "diminutive" instead of "small". Hopefully I destroyed that habit altogether, so no one needs to fish for a dictionary or thesaurus every five minutes when reading my stories. LOL.

My current beta reader is FinalFallenFantasy. She's very understanding and patient; she doesn't pressure me one bit! I love her lots. :)

See those bolded band names below? They're probably my most favorite bands of all time. I grab my inspiration from their songs.

All Time Low. Boys Like Girls. The Cab. Coldplay. Dashboard Confessional. Daughtry. David Archuleta. David Cook. Dima Bilan. Fall Out Boy. FM Static. The Fray. Incubus. Lady Gaga. LaFee. Lifehouse. Linkin Park. Metro Station. Ne-Yo. Oasis. OneRepublic. Owl City. Panic at the Disco. Paramore. The Script. Secondhand Serenade. Simple Plan. Snow Patrol. Stephen Speaks. Taylor Swift. Vertical Horizon. We the Kings.



Red Moon Rising (slash, het; multi-chaptered)
Finding out that his stepbrother is his mate isn't going so well for wolf shifter Emery. Especially when his vampire girlfriend insists on them "consummating" the relationship, whatever that is. Oh, and add Espin's and Elly's problems into the mix; you get chaos.
Most of the story is planned out and it just needs some ironing. I'm not setting up a deadline for myself. My writing is crappy when I'm under pressure. Anyway, no fixed date for the first chapter, but I'm already in the middle of writing it.

In Progress

None as of the moment.


Above All Else (slash; one-shot)
Anthony and Kian, the encounter at the gay bar that changes their lives, and everything that follows after.
My first completed work. I'm actually quite nervous about this. A birthday fic for FinalFallenFantasy.


January 11, 2009
I should be totally studying for my Math exam tomorrow. I'm not supposed to be reading City of Bones or writing my WIP. Eh. Maybe I'll study later. Cramming, hell yeah!

Feel free to send me a message any time you want to. I don't bite, promise. :D

For those who are interested in my crap fanfiction, my account is here.

...That's about all I have to say. Enjoy your stay. :)

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