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The Person (me):Hey! Hm...what can I put here... Let's go with basic stuff. I'm 17. I started writing stories because I would just get these ideas in my head and they would just keep growing. So I have found my outlet, because my head only has so much space and, as much as I'd hate to admit it, not all of it can be reserved for stories.

I'm your pretty average girl. Honestly, there's nothing special. No amazing fact that sets me apart from everyone else. I'm horrible at sports so I try to make up for it with my intelligence. I have book sense, no common sense. I'm easily amused, but have a short attention span. Music is my life: I can't play it, but I'm a pro at listening. Every type is ear candy for me. I want to be a psychiatrist, simply because I think the way the brain works is amazing and I love listening a lot more than I do talking. My parents are...distant, so if you think I have no idea what a normal family's like, you're right. There's nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people and getting to know them so, hey, take a shot at saving me from a moment of boredom and text me! = (615-337-9531) You can say anything from a simple 'hey' or you can tell me your life story. Either way, it'll make me smile. Because like most teenagers, I'm very textually active.

The Story (When Everything Went to Hell + No More Secrets): The first story is the main reason why I started writing. It's the first whole story I've ever written in my entire life, so I'm quite proud of it. It's ma baby. =)

The second one is the sequel to the first, but since the first one is like twice the size of a novel (It actually is. I looked up the technical definition for how long a novel is), I won't make it necessary to read the first one in order for the second one to make sense. I think this one is catered towards a bigger audience, too. It still has Leon's lovely way of thinking, but also Claire's a bit closer to normal point of view. Plus, if I had just done one of them, the story wouldn't make half as much sense...

Anyways, enough of my rambling, enjoy the story and review. I appreciate every ounce of feedback and every view.

Now for randomness =)

Favorite Quotes:
"I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority." - Rita Mae Brown
"Life is a tragedy when seen close up, but a comedy in long-shot." - Charlie Chaplin
"A play of hopes and fears...and much of madness, and more of sin, and horror the soul of the plot...the play is the tragedy "Man." - The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allen Poe
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"I'm pretty sure you don't fill cavities with children..."
"Why don't you just date normal fking guys?!" "...Because I don't like normal guys..."

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