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Hello everyone my name is Tarynne Bourret it's nice to meet all of you,

As you all may have guessed I love to write, and by golly do I write with a passion. Since this is my revised profile page I have removed certain stories but I will be working/completing them at some point, I just don't know when they will be up.

My dream, probably exactly or similar to all of yours, is to become a novelist, to write my stories for everyone to ether enjoy or love, even laugh if they like the funny parts. For a bit of a background I began to write when I was in the beginning of high school, I mostly started doing it for fun, fan-fics, making up random stories to tell my friends, all that good stuff, then when I began to write my own stories, ones that I would think of when I stare out into space, or in most cases now a days, in my dreams. I have a big thing for anime, manga and games, (Please put the word NERD here) so when I picture my characters I see them in anime, dose that make any sense? Or am I a total loon?

Speaking of Loon's I'm from Canada, I love my country, not that I don't love the other countries, I just haven't been to any as of yet, but since I am in college I don't see traveling to any exotic places and meeting a nice, good -cough cough- and sexy -cough cough- man anytime soon in my future. As some may have guessed I'm somewhat of an "odd duck" -quack quack- with my sense of humor going way out there when it comes to my writing. it can be deadly intense and then wham, totally nuts in a split second. But that's just how I role, if you can't take it, beat it, or fight it. That's my motto.

Recently though I have been writing romance, I normally don't but for some odd reason it just clicked and I began to write, but then my brain is a funny thing, I don't really know how it is going to turn out but I hope that whoever reads my stories that they enjoy it and stick with me till the very end, or if I ever kick the bucket, which ever comes first.

Anyway that's all I really have to say for now, but I really do ask that you all post a Review, I can't tell you how much it makes me happy that you all read my stories but it would make my heart fly if you post a Review, just as long as it is not something degrading, I won't even acknowledge those types of things if it's to belittle something I worked so very hard on.

Thank you.

Hugs to all! \(^o^)/ ~Tarynne

Here are some of the stories that I will be posting/and/or continuing until done:


Tainted Priest. Synopsis: (I have no idea when this will be done!)


Hiro. Synopsis: Sixteen year old Tomiko Kizuki is running for her life, from what or whom that is the mystery, she won't tell anyone who it is, not even the family who took her in from being chased, now going to school her worst fear is being noticed by the very person she is running from. The problem she faces is a never dying one... (Chapter One is now up!)

Piano Wire. Synopsis: (Will be posting one soon)


Wounded Heart of War. Synopsis: (Completed)

Hey guys, Okay I have some news many may not want to hear but here it is, Tainted Priest is going to be on hold for one and I mean ONE month, the reason for this is that there is a contest going online right now in my college for writers to write a story from the beginning of November to the end of November, sucks I know but I really do want to give this a shot! it has to be over 50,000 words long and it MUST be interesting to read otherwise no one who I may want to read it will pick it up. so I'll be working on that story till the end of the month and submit it online to the publishers and editors that read all of them, I hope you can all understand my decision and support me in this as a month goes by. As a note to let you know I'm already at 9,000 words and am only on the third day, a good start but I want to keep going. So please enjoy the chapters that I have and don't worry when this is over I WILL be back on Tainted Priest, or sooner if I hit a wall in the one for November. Until then! Hugs to ALL! \(^o^)/

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