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Name: Samantha

DOB: November 24

Favorite Books: The Princess Bride, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, David Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean, Terry Brooks books, Stephan Lawhead books, Chronicles of Narnia, Ted Dekker Books (to name a few of my more favorite ones)

Favorite Movies: I'm not much of a movie-watcher, but I love Pirates of the Carribbean and The Princess Bride

Interests: Besides writing, I like to figure skate (although where I live now there is not skating rink, so that's depressing), read (d'uh), dance and music (I play the flute, LOVE IT!)

Favorite Musicians/Bands: Greg Patillo (beat-boxing flutist on YouTube, yeah that guy - love him!), Paramore, Evanescence, Vanessa Carlton, All-American Rejects, David Cook


I love deep stories exploring the contradictions and prejudices of the world. Or really anything which brings to light things people like to avoid. I don't like many fluff stories (I know The Princess Bride and Eddings aren't exactly the deepest stories...). Anything with a message - a good message of course. I'm a strong Christian and hope to show the glory of God through my writing and show His love and grace. For without Him this world would be nothing.

And if my beliefs offend you, I don't really give a flip. So move on with your life.

I've been writing since I was 11 years old but just recently got into actually writing (I'm 14 at the time of this writing) this year (2009). I was especially influence by one of my very good friends and Ted Dekker (and Evanescene, music is one of my biggest influences). I started to kind of come into myself and find out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to write about.

I'm almost done with my kind of debut novel. I have quite a few short stories and a few poems floating around. Some of which show my writing style and some of which don't. I generally prefer a relaxed personable style. The "story-teller" style. I want to whisk the reader away on a cloud of words and return him changed, but having enjoyed the ride.

I have strong point in developing realistic characters (or so people tell me...) but I'm not very good at developing other worlds, so I also lack a lot of details much of the time. Most of my story ideas come from dreams strangely enough and usually my story ideas are pretty good. I'm not a very good wordsmith, but I know I do have natural talent with writing, I'm working diligently at honing that skill and perfecting it.

Current Projects

Waverly: Interesting tale about this story. I have up to Chapter Four rough drafted (if you keep up with what I do, you'll learn to get used to terms like 'rough drafted' 'second drafting'. To me it makes sense, think about for a minute and you'll get it) up to Chapter 6 second drafted up to Chapter 9 rough drafted. I'm in the process of rough drafting Chapters 10-12 (yes, there are 12 chapters). I'm entering this into a novel contest on August 14th so I really need to get to work on it. I'll post the chapters as they get final drafted. So Chapters 1-4 will show up in the nearer future. I also don't have a real title for this. My friends who have been reading this keep suggesting just using "Waverly" as the title (Waverly is the main character), but I want something more... lasting. I was thinking something like "Despair", but I'm not sure.

Genre: Fiction Medival Adventure. Hero: Waverly Thorton. Villain: Lord Cody Mantrin. Basic Plot: Orphaned girl working at palace overhears plot to assassinate king and tries to stop it before king dies.

Nameless: Ironically, this is my only titled story (not entirely true, but I know this will be the title of this one!) and its title "Nameless". Anyway. This one I had rough drafted four chapters but I trashed those and am starting over. I'm not really changing the story line or anything, but I'm changing the style of the writing and a some details, etc. I got this idea over Christmas '08 and I wrote those four chapters all in a big rush, just to get the idea out there in the open, but then had to let it lie while I worked on Waverly's story. Since Waverly's is almost finished (I can just taste the end!) this will be the next one I'll pick up!

Genre: Fantasy Mediaval/Steampunk Adventure. Hero: Nyx "Tern" Chamena. Villain: Derion (rest of name to be determined). Basic Plot: Kidnapped girl finds her way back to her home where she finds a deep plot involving her kidnapping is going to destroy not only her world, but many others. Sets out to find out more and eventually stop the plot - finding out about her past.

Zef and Ig: Zef and Ig are the nicknames of Zephyra (Zef-ruh, not Zef-feeruh, like I had someone suggest) and Ignacio (Ig-naa-shee-o). I have a lot of ideas for this story (a few random scenes written) and its currently my "baby idea" (AKA the one I'm currently loving to death and obsessing over). So its taking a lot of will power to not start scribbling the whole story all over the place. But I have to - if I don't then I'm never going to get Waverly's Story and Nameless done. And I really need to do that (I'm a stickler for order).

Genre: Fantasy Mediaval Adventure. Hero: Ignacio Teid Namid. Villain: Lord Arcin Baqer. Basic Plot: Orphand brother and sister pair are preforming gypsies, hired to entertian at a princes' birthday party. While there, the sister is poisoned. Brother sets out to find a cure before sister dies.

Refuge: This is still in the ideas phase. I've got the storyline basically figured out, but I like to add meaning and start dissecting it for deeper ideas and such and then I'll work on the storyline again. So this is still really rough. "Refuge" MAY be the title of this work, but I'm not sure... From this point on most of my story ideas are pretty rough. I just haven't thought about them as much.

Genre: Fiction Modern Thriller/Adventure. Hero: Chelsea. Villain: Ryan. Basic Plot: Orphaned girl is being tracked down by a serial murderer for no reason she can place. She runs from him almost all her life, trying to find a place of refuge.

Autumn and Sienna: Yet again, very rough idea. Story line and some of the ideals and motivations worked out. As with everything from Zef and Ig's story onward I have nothing if anything written about this story. Its all in my head. I really need to start writing things down. I'm going to forget them. I think I have the basic plotlines written out, but nothing more. None of the ideals I have in my head.

Genre: Fantasy Future Adventure. Hero: Autumn Springs. Villain Addison Riley. Basic Plot: Twins seperated at birth by an evil scientist for experiments. Many years later the second twin is kidnapped as well for further experients. The two meet up and break-out.

Alasse: This is my crowning jewel of works - or so I hope it will be. Alasse is one of the main character, but that's not going to be the title I can tell you that nowThis story is very special to me and I don't really want to go into all the details just yet, so you are just going to have to hang around and wait for another year or so until I can get to it...

Genre: Fantasy Modern/Future Adventure. Heroes: Alasse, Salendria, Zamanti, Estella, Hobar. Villain: Various demons. Basic Plot: Follows the lives of each of the main character until their lives cross together and they dispell the demons

Echo: This is a very interesting story, I'll just say that right off. Echo is a maniacal assassin who calls himself the Blood-King, Ruler of Life and Death. I've thought about this story a olt and I don't think its going to be a full-length novel. Probably a novella. Since I don't think I can write a full novel about Echo...

Genre: Fiction Medieval Adventure. Heroes: Echo and Cricket. Villain: Echo and Cricket. Basic Plot: An assassin runs into a small child on one of his jobs. Confronted by the complete innocence of the child, he gets scared.


As I come up with synopses for each story, I'll post them here.


Waverly Thorton, an orphaned girl, disguised as a boy, is an entertainer for King Ajax II. One day she overhears a plot to assassinate the king in an attempt to place the plotter - none other than King Ajax's most trusted adivser, Lord Cody Mantrin - on the throne. She tries to warn the king (and many others) about the threat, but no one listens to her pleas, thinking her fooling around, no one caring what a mere child has to say. Unfortunately, Lord Mantrin has caught on to her involvement and he does not underestimate the determined orphan.

Waverly is faced with the choice to succumb to Mantrin's power or stand as the only beacon of what is right and good in a country falling apart. But with her only allies betraying her and her faith in herself being whittled away by the cunning lord, can she even pretend to continue to fight?

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