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Hey, my name is Lucy and I'm 19.

Among my favourite novels are Les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Persuasion and Sherlock Holmes. I love the thrill of watching a good mystery like Sherlock, Monk, Elementary and old classics such as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. I can't live without coffee (especially mochas) and the company of my friends and family. Traveling is my life, I'm constantly revamping myself, and I'm a little bit of a hopeless romantic (just a little bit).


Love, Your Backstabbing Girlfriend chapter 12 is up! Meanwhile, tell me what you think of the story so far, I'd love to know!


Love, Your Backstabbing Girlfriend has got to be my biggest project yet. The story means a lot to me, and I've worked hard on it so I'd appreciate any reviews to tell me how I'm going. Thank you to all my subscribers, reviewers and 'favouriters'- your support means the world to me.

Penelope Owens: this really captures the whore in Penelope. She's blonde, voluptuous, sexy(?), conceited, and her I'm-so-up-myself attitude shines through in this pic (no offense to Jennifer Lawrence).
Logan Moore (1) (2) (3): These exude his arrogance (especially the second one), but it's also soft which shows his more tender side. With a face like that, you can also see how he scores girls all the time. In my head, Logan's never been a 'buff' kind of guy even though he plays footy. He's the mature-looking kind of handsome, lean (but not lanky) and sculpted with a sharp but strong jawline.
James Thorpe (1) (2): James is down-to-earth, caring and sweet. I think this picture really captures that about him, but physically, he's a lot more buff. He's definitely not lean- he's the type with broad shoulders and strong arms. I was also looking for a stronger jaw than the one in the pics, but the eyebrows (thick) and eyes are exactamundo: dark and unstitching.
Annabel Lee (1) (2): Annabel's not shy- she just likes to keep to herself sometimes. She might also look a little plain at first, but I think it's her inner strength that makes her beautiful.
Chrissy Leroy: Confident, smart and outgoing, Chrissy is absolutely gorgeous. I have no other words because this picture should speak for itself.
Katherine Moore: (Logan's mother) A formidable woman, to say the least.
Albert Moore: (Logan's father)

What do you think? Feel free to comment/PM me or even send me suggested pics. I'd love to see them! For other pictures and items from which I have drawn inspiration for the story, check out my page.

Bon appétit!

Aurora Clarté.

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