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I Hey Well, I'm not much of a profile blurber, but I'll try anyways, for the sake of.. well, me. Whatever. It's an empty space to fill, so I'm going to fill it, okay?


I suppose I'll talk about some of the stuff I'm working on. I'm writing a story called "Bonding over B.O." This was originally to be the title of my currently published story "From Unlucky to in Love" but I liked it too much, so I'm using it for a story more worthy of such a title.

Also, I am currently trying to get myself started on a new project. I'm going to call it "One Painting a Day". I'm going to choose one subject of interest once a day, and write about it. Say, maybe a Cheetoh. I'll maybe write about what the Cheetos thinking. Or I'll tell the story of how its lover cheated on it with a tub of Ranch Dressing. And then I'll post it! Or maybe a poem? Who knows?? The possibilities are endless! I feel like this would be a good thing for me to do, because 1:It gives me something to do. 2:I will be completing short term goals, that I find pleasurable. And 3:It seems like a challenge. Lets see how it goes!!


ANYWAYS. I'm pretty down to earth, I love romance stories, but I hate those cliche ones where the girl has all this fake spunk and a "horrible" and "rough" past of getting the finger thrown at her in middle school, and playing hard to get on these total sweet-heart men and claiming to hate them and then changing their minds bin one chapter... LAME. However, I may write one, except make it amazing, just because I like to spite myself... Any ideas on a plot?

Also, on the note of my personal interests: I'm all over ORANGE. The color, the food, the soda, the WORD. Orange has no ryhmn in my mind. So if you ever want to convince me to write something, send me a box of oranges.


On a more tangential note, my bird just bit my nose nostril. And tried to pull some hair out of there. Now, I know that sounds disgusting, but I currently havent met anyone yet who didnt have hair in their nostril. So don' judge. Infidel! Yeah, anyways, I brushed her away because it HURT like no other (what is that supposed to even mean? "No other"? No other what? nostril plucking incidents? Oh whatever..) And then she flew onto my head and pooped on it. Great. Yeah I love my bird. Especially when I put her in her cage. She's really cute and cuddly when she's behind bars.. Oohh!! That's a good line for a story.. Anyways, I don't really want to continue writing this anymore, so I'm not going to! Hope you enjoyed my blurb! Love ya!

Project Overview

:"Rub My Belly" - A romance. Two teenagers made a mistake. Becca was pregnant, Nick didn't know, and now they're both trying to fix their relationship. A "catch my love if you can" story. Boy chases girl, not knowing what has happened- and girl runs, afraid that boy won't want her once he catches up.

Hmm... below are things I WAS working on, and soon will CONTINUE to work on, but I'm not really focusing on.

:"Of All The Rotten Luck"-What I thought was just a bad day in consequence to "Regan awareness day" actually turned out to be one of the most important days of life. The day that turned me from just plain Unlucky, to completely, utterly, and unequivocally in Love.(Currently working on the next 3 chapters. I'm not sure as to what sort of duties I should give to Regan as the Headmistresses assistant. So if you have any ideas, LET ME KNOW! You're assistance is greatly appreciated!)

:"One Painting a Day"- An accumulation of short stories, blurbs, blogs, rants, and whatever I feel like writing that particular day. Sort of like a diary. Only, much more entertaining and raw and ridiculous. (This is sort of like a "Drive-Thru" project. You can send me a message, give me a subject you would like me to rant or write about, and I'll do it!)

I LOVE Reviews!!

Oh, and I love my best friend. Amy.

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Or was it simply death, because now only days later you lay lifeless under the comforter, unharmed but suffering the deepest, most desperate torture known to man.-- Heartache.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: K - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 504 - Published: 6/2/2010 - Complete
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I want to keep the baby, if you want to keep the baby." he stated. I stared at him, not saying a word. His eyes were so sure, so determined.---- Teen romance. READ AND REVIEW! Show some love!
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I can’t stop from smiling when you say my name. You could yell my name or sing my name and I would still feel the same... DEDICATED TO MY FEW BUT DARLING READERS
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