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Ok so I like to write, but I don't think I'm very good at it. I've tried writing a couple of stories before but they always come out seeming lame, odd, weird, or just plain flat out boring. I also like music and I LOVE to read. Like I think I'm addicted to it. lol I am currently broke because I only had 40 bucks on me at the time and decided to spend it on books...looks down in shame It's an addiction and I gave into temptation...BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!! (oh yea a little warning I have like severe mood changes like 24/7 so watch out!) I got new books!! I am currentky into the night world series. I was at borders and I was looking for a book and my sister handed me night world 1 and I was like what the hell?! Because whenever we go to the book store my sister takes it upon herself to just do the looking and shopping for me and tries to get out as fast as possible. So I snatched the book and I read the back. It was interesting and I got it. Then after I read it I was like "OMG!! I need the other ones like right away!!" But thanks to me and my very small supply of money Scowls I couldn't get the books. But hear me now!! I shall have those books within my grasp by friday afternoon this week!! And if I don't all hell will break loose.

I like to play sports. Like my favorite is basketball. I play basketball whenever I get the chance. I played during school and I really liked it so...yea... OH! I really like candy!! especially lollipops!! mmmmm...lollipops...snaps out of dream-like state eh...sorry you had to witness that. And I like GIR. I'm pretty sure you all know who he is!! And if you don't...I shall slay you one by one!! hehe, just kidding... randome person from the street: cough she's not kidding!! she's crazy!! me: hey you!! shut up!! throws laptop and weirdo random guy And yes I know what your all thinking(this bitch is crazy!! what the hell!?), and it's true I am a bit ummm how should I put this??...WEIRD!! Ha there we go. I'm weird!! Ok so that's about it... ok bye bye now!!


P.S. I am boy crazy...lol And I'm going to the 8th grade!! I'm so happy I'm not in 7th grade anymore. My teachers were a pain in my ass!! We always get a jumbo load of homework!! I hate homework...mummbles to myslef "dumb homework..." LOL yurp...ok this is goodbye...FOR NOW!! HAHAHAHA

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