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Hey, everyone!! Mikomi here! Well, I'm pretty much new to this whole business sooo yeah!...Though not new to reading fanfiction! Lolzez This is my first attempt to actually post anything online...so I'm a total newb! lolzez _ I haven't written much before now, so if anything that I write absolutely sucks, please accept my most sincere apologies now. bows low and proceeds to hand out apology cookies they're yummy! XD Anyways, here's a little bit about me:

Hobbies: singing, drawing, reading, writing, playing video games (GUITAR HERO!! XDDD), watching t.v., goofing off, sleeping...mmm...cat naps... -_- zzz...

Favorite foods: FRENCH FRIES!!, mom's red beans and rice (with the wittle cocktail weenies in them! _), my dad's homemade grits, pepperoni pizza, Vanilla ice cream, and REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!! MINE!! glomps and devours the peanut butter discs from heaven

Favorite colors: Dark green, red, dark blue

Ambitions: To major in Psychology, minor in music, and finally fulfill my dream of becoming a professional sumo wrestler!...yeah, as if. :P that's sarcasm, peoplez. Did you honestly believe me?! geez...can't even take a joke...grumbles sulkily and storms off

Anyways, if anyone has any tips at all for me, whether it has to do with writing, or any story ideas, or they just wanna chat, feel free to look me up!...no, seriously. It's okay. You can. Please do. o_O I ish lonely...puppy eyes