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I scare people. I scare them because the human race naturally fears things they don't understand.

My favorite quote: "From the day I was born till the day I die, the only side I'm on is mine!"- Saiyuki

My name is Elena, I have successfully moved from my mother's house and in with my grandmother! No more screaming children and nasty smells(from dogs not being taken out like they should). I prefer to lay in my bed and do random things like write draw or sleep. I am trying really hard to make my writing better(if you go back and read some of my older stories you will see the format has changed-I cannot believe i used to write like that). Also, I am biromantic. Which means that I am romantically attracted to both genders but I have no interest in that other thing... think asexual just a bit different. Anyway, don't be surprised if you see a random straight romance story mixed in with my other not so straight ones eventually. Also, you will NEVER find rape or non-consenual stuff in any of my stories! I do not support that and thus do not write it. I do my best to make my characters believable/relatable and I put a lot of effort into the relationships as well as the world in which they take place. So this is all you'll get for now. Ill update it later.


I just want to let everyone know(that is kind enough to take the time to read my profile) that I do edit and proof read my stories. I do the best I can but because I don't like to let other people read them before I feel they are ready, I'm the only one that looks over them. I am only human and hope you can forgive my typos. I type really fast sometimes and my computer can't keep up or my fingers slip up and get tangled with each other(not literally mind you though, sometimes I wonder). So, thank you for your understanding.

I know vampires are a bit (or a lot) over done in BL stories but I couldn't help myself. For those of you that want it, please feel free to check out Forbidden(or any of the other vampire related stories that I have put up since).

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has checked out Forbidden: Book 1 so far. I am trying really hard to make this story different from the other vampire stories. I appreciate any and all feedback. THANK YOU!


I apologize for many of my stories being left incomplete or having not been updated in FOREVER. There are some that I want to go back and rewrite(because they sound like a love sick teenager wrote them and are littered with typos/misspellings/overused words and other such bad things for writers to do. I do plan on updating a few of my stories. some of which I have been working on and just not posting chapters.(I'm so bad!) I am currently not working and have plenty of time, for the moment, to focus on writing. The issue is that I get writers block on one story and start writing another when a new idea magically pops into my head. Which, happens more often than you would think. So, yeah, hopefully I can update many of the stories soon. I still really want to rewrite Bruised Hearts and make it sound not so teenagerish.


I am currently working on piecing together a new story! No vampires this time around though. It's got a sci-fi feel to it with robots, AI, and a post apocalyptic world ruled by intelligent machines! I'm really looking forward to writing this!

Alright, so i was wandering around photobucket and i found a picture that looks just like i would imagine my dear Jean from Protective custody would like like. So here it is.(its kind of odd that i found it. it really does look exactly like i would imagine him to look.He also looks alot like the blond from yellow.)

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