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Einmyria Dripping is a daughter of Death and Mystery. She got sick and tired of poetry in Necropolis and got fascinated by mortal poetry through Charlotte Webster. So, Ein forced her parents to let her study literature in the other world.

She attends Yell University where she fits right in as a cheerleader and passionate writer. Though people saw her as “perfectly normal”, Ein wanted to show her Necropolitan ways, not someone who’s feeble, gullible, easy, introverted, and most of all, nice. But Ein found it difficult and too late to change into a goth, just so they’ll leave her alone. Ein looks friendly, but actually, she’s a paranoid psychopath, thinking people are always watching her, and sometimes, reading her thoughts. Thus, whenever she made any mistake, she would kill those who witnessed it, just so no one will ever know about it.

Ein is basically schizophrenic, confused with her personality. She wants to change her perfectly normal ways into her inner goth. But she can’t because of Phoebe. Then, Ein ends up killing people who saw her as a goth just to retain her perfectly normal image. It’s really confusing. Though Ein murders people, she doesn’t murder those who annoyed her. Instead, she let out her irritation by writing angry poetry in toilet doors. Actually, she murders those who were annoyed by her. Ein always buries her victims in the graveyard of Chateau Briand and writes witty elegies on their tombstones as her personal hobby. She’s also new with the sleeping thing. If she can’t sleep, she passes the night looking at the less shiny stars of the other world.

Ein is 5’5’’ tall and 99 pounds, totally skinny. She has a pale white complexion. She has long and sharp fingers due to writing too much, and tip-toed due to very high stilettos. Her nose is small but pointy. She has a scythe-shaped dark pink highlight on her right. It’s actually a scythe lodged in her forehead when she’s Necropolitan. She has two ash-colored pigtails; the left one is a thicker strand. Ein has a mannerism of twirling it whenever she’s slowly getting insane again. She has an earring shaped like a crescent moon on her left ear. Ein has dying eyes with thick lashes. Her left eye had five curled lashes, while the right had three. Since, Ein never had eyes before, she just borrowed the eyeballs from the constellation of Canis Major in Necropolis. She doesn’t wear make up, only dark eyeliner.

I'm not Einmyria Dripping.

Once Upon A Time, There Was Gauld
What would you do to get into paradise? Warning: May contain brief stupidity.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5,564 - Updated: 11/26/2009 - Published: 11/25/2009