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About Me:

As you might have guessed, my name is Justin. I'm 19 years old and a second-year student in university. Believe it or not, I'm currently majoring in mathematics; most people seem to think that by being a math major I'm automatically terrible with grammar and the usage of the English language. Uh, no, not true.

I write on my free time. When I'm bored and have the right motivation and music, I mass-produce writings; most don't see the living daylight, however.

I update my stories as the chapters are completed. Thus, don't expect an update schedule or anything of the sort. But I'll try to make my updates reasonable, and I'll let you know on this profile should there be any unexpected delay in updates.

I also run a website, which you can access by scrolling up and clicking the link provided to my "Homepage." It hosts a side project of mine, though it isn't of the romantic nature (or at least, the story isn't central on romance). If you're interested in trying different cups of tea, definitely give that website a look!

I hope you enjoy my work, or at least the ones I choose to post on this site. If you have any other questions about me or my stories, leave a PM!

About My Stories:

The Violinist: My third-person POV story. Basically about a man who fears the past and the things he chose to let go instead of resolve. First story in third-person, so it's mostly practice. Posted so I can hear others' advice and suggestions to improve my writing. Currently on hiatus, since my computer crashed and I lost all the files for this story.

Out of Proportion: My first-person POV story. It's actually written in the narrative of a character not directly involved with the story. Basically, two best friends struggle with high school and the tension that comes between their friendship.

Secret Santa:

SerialXLain's got a Slash Secret Santa running for Christmas 2009, so if you want word or want in then I suggest you head to her profile and ask her about it! Now that I've done my fair share of advertising, here's my list of wishes. Apparently it's hardly as comprehensive as some of the other lists I've been seeing (I personally thought it was long), so I hope it's not an annoyance to anyone who has me :)

1) I would really wish that there are no effeminate guys involved. Whiny isn't necessarily effeminate in my eyes; just don't have guys putting up make up and dressing up as girls, or guys that like shopping and gossiping with girls. You know, that stereotype.

2) A scene in which someone (not necessarily any of the main characters) says: "The watermelon claps! Let's sing it again!" (You get brownie points for knowing where this comes from).

3) A scene (same or different than number two) in which a character says: "One hundred percent manly, I swear!"

4) If you didn't guess from number two and three, a comedic fic with a splash of romance would be enjoyed best. Nothing depressing, please; it ruins the Christmas spirit.

5) No explicit sex, please. Though if the sex is in passing and in little detail, I don't mind. Romance beats smut any day.

6) A scene in which one guy is helping the other dress up for a formal event. Awkward tie-tying moments are epic win, by the way.

7) A character with an obsession with Korean culture and language. I don't expect you to go wikipedia'ing Korean culture or anything, so just mentioned in passing is fine. Props if you actually tie in this obsession in the character's personality, though!

8) A really sappy and/or heartwarming ending, as fitting for the Christmas season (even though I live in an area where it does not snow). Whether it's because a conflict has been resolved or just because someone did something really heartwarming, I don't really mind as much.

9) A character who likes to use the words "technically" a little too often compared to the average person, and (s)he being called out on it by another character.

10) I'm not that particular when it comes to the characters, so long as they're realistic. I would prefer the story to not take place in a high school setting, but if it works best for you then I don't mind. I do ask, however, that there be decent character development and/or description. It's nice to read a story in which people just aren't names, even for a one-shot.

Optional (though I guess this whole list is optional to begin with): A flashback from when the two main characters were kids, presumably with some sort of significance.

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