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The dice are pretty cool looking, right? On my FanFiction, my profile is always of a tea kettle. I have pictures of them in ALL different colors. I might change the dice to different ones every once in a while, too. Keep watch...

Anyway, I'm totally redoing my profile, beacuse the other one was so organized and it didn't tell much about MYSELF which is weird for a profile... So here's what's what:

My name is... Read the heading of this page... Do you see it? Yeah, that's my penname alright. My real name is a mystery...

I adore music, every single kind, but mostly classic rock and I'm a HUGE fan of the Rolling Stones, The Police, Sting, Beatles, Pearl Jam, The Cranberries, and U2. Artist I like are Regina Spektor-- she is amazing and my idol-- and Vanessa Carlton, who is equally amazing. Plus Ben Folds. They're underappreciated because they have raw natural talent, they just don't sell sex on MTV, so :P they're not as famous as they could be because they have morals.

Also, I like The Killers, Blondie (LOVE HEART OF GLASS), t.A.T.U., and I am currently OBSESSED with Muse. I also love listening to Green Day (viva la Gloria, is in my opinion, one of the best songs in the world). The Bird and the Bee, if you've ever heard of them, are awesome, and I have the Wicked Soundtrack on repeat in my mom's car. ANNND METRIC AND I LIKED THEM LOONG BEFORE THEY WERE ON ECLIPSE SO SHUT UP ALL OF YOU WHO SAY OTHERWISE! And I liek the song I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan :)

ENOUGH about my musical preferences. I'm a writer, and I love reading things other people have written. One of my best friends and I are on a writing team at my school, and we were the ULTIMATE team last year. My team is one of the best teams in the world, maybe it IS the best team in the world. None of us were expected to place, but there we went and I took sixth and she took second, and we're going to states again this year!

Also, I really like being outside. Another friend and I dedicate whole days to exploring the creek behind my house. I have the imagination of a 5-year-old and I love reading fantasy and myth, and Narnia does exist, and so do OZ and Wonderland, no doubt.

I love Greek myth, and I fully intend to marry Logan Lerman, who plays Percy Jackson. It's destined. My favorite song currently is When the Stars Go Blue (thanks to XSiriusIsTheBestX, who has an awesome story titled with that song.) Seriously, it's amazing, check it out.

What else... I have an obese rabbit named Patches. I wanted to name him Dumbledore, but that got shot down by my sister. Also, I have a stray creek cat named Damien. He has a cool black coat and yellow eyes. He's also my conscience in all of my nightmares. Plus I owned a crayfish named Jonathin Trip Minivan the Eigthth for a day. Next pet I get, I'm naming him Samuel Hayes Alexander Marley Winslow Otis White, so his initials will be SHAMWOW.

A few more facts: I hate romance movies, and I love making fun of Twilight. My friends and I have an unofficial circulating library. I play the clarinet. I've read the book Island Trilogy by Gordan Korman 16 times and counting. My favorite actress is Shirley Temple. I watch The Beauty and The Beast biweekly. I adore pepperoni and feta cheese pizza. I have some the best most understanding and hilarious friends in the world.

One of them is a swimmer, one is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, one is obsessed with Never Shout Never, one is going to marry Billie Joe Armstrong's son, Joey, one is a volleyball player, one is a strong republican, one has purple hair (for now) and also is on fanfiction, and one rides my bus and helped me catch a crayfish.

I hope I covered all my friends, and included in them is my team! One's Polish, one's a great artist, one freaks out about how he will place, and the other is a stuffed guinea pig named Sue (our mascot, I own her :), and one eats CONTANTLY and got pizza from the janitor once.


I have a whole array of stuff.

Twist-Annalynne is driving home with her mom and brother, James, when they are hit by a car. Annalynne is the only one to survive the car crash with only a broken leg. Out of a home, she must move across the country, out of Colorado and to the coast of Maine, where her estranged father lives. He's a dentist, and has a girlfriend who's an author and writes mystery stories. The house is nice, and the twins nextdoor are pretty okay. Living in MAine wouldn't be so bad... if it weren't for the... things in the house. A noose hanging from the ceiling that no one else seems to see? The laughter of children that sounds distant and eerie? What about the only ghost that shows up more than once? The girl with 1950's hair and a crooked half-smile that sits in the rocking chair in Annalynne's room all night. The only one who seems to be able to communicate with her. Rule One of the Afterlife: Never strike a bargain with the undead. Especially one that seems so set on ending in disaster.

The Rights to Orion-In the future, decisions will be made for us. After we've spent all our lives curing diseases and ending disasters, there isn't much else to do but survive. With no more struggling, life can be pretty boring. So we all live in our countries, respectively, being ruled by our leaders. But once a year, there's a chance to get free. At the age of 10, until the day you die, you are eligible to create a team and enter the Rights to Orion, an international game takes place. Any number of teams can join, and it's all televised. If you win the game, you get the rights to live in Orion, a gated nation based on the principles of democracy and freedom. Lose the game? You're puppet to your country. Each team must have 8 members: four males, four females, two of which are celebrity tributes. This year, I turned 16, and I'm taking the youngest team ever to the games. And we came to win. What we didn't come to do, but ended up doing anyway, was challenge the government a throw the world into an uprising... But like great philosophers say- just go with the flow.

Scarlett Twilight- Violet lives with her sister, Scarlett, at the Samuel Park Academy, a boarding school. As scholarship students, the get the least. Always the least. They were always told that their parents were killed in a tragic accident- until Violet finds her father's journal and begins to think otherwise. He describes a place in the mist, beyond the fog, and it doesn't sound like a place on earth. When Scarlett and Violet are evicted, Violet runs to the forest with her best friends, Beatrice and Jed, who are both orphaned as well. Scarlett decides to stay behind, and then they fall. Fall up, fall down, it's hard to tell. In any event, the farther Violet drifts from reality, the more she starts to put together the pieces of a puzzle: why this unknown world is in turmoil, what Scarlett really is, and where her brother might be. But in the end, what really counts? Where she's been going, or where she's always been?

The Shee's Remorse- (okay, so this story is 50 percent celtic legend and myth, and 50 percent my brain, and it's my favrite one to write also) Before time, 5 Guardians made the pact to protect the magic. It was bound to the future, where the Furies couldn't reach it. For the time. Thousands of years later, 5 girls move into Celadon Court, a poorly planned suburb on the edge of an ominous forest. The twins, Kira and Claire, the foster girl, Meg, the stepdaughter, Sophia, and the abandoned one, Gwynne, decide to camp one night in the forest. When Kira starts remembering old legends, a storm begins to brew. The night of what should have been a devastating tornado, three poppets are found on Kira and Claire's porch, warning them of a war between the Furies in the Spirit World and the five of them. Seeking answers, they search the forest for any clues as to what is happening. In the dead of the night on a full moon, they come across five statues that resemble each of them. That night, after touching the statues, the powers of the Guardians are released, and the girls undergo a change that will help them defened the magic from the Furies. They are a Banshee and a Shee, a Crocotta, a Selkie, and a Water Nymph. Sometimes, we have to do things we didn't plan on doing, and sometimes, we make horrible decisions that ruin lives, for the time being, anyways. The point of life is to learn from mistakes. But some of us can't help making some of the most deadly mistakes of all. (part of a series)

Power of the Pen Stories- Power of the Pen is an Ohio-based writing competition between 7th and 8th graders. These are some of my winning stories... or stories from practice that I liked... so... take from that what you want...


The Lady Knight of Camelot-Elaine has always been different. She never wore her hair in a braid, and she never wore shoes. She spoke as if she'd known the art of war. Elaine was quickfooted, limber, and had a temper as fiery as her copper hair. "What Arthur needs is a woman's advice. He won't listen to Morgan, and I just know something's going to happen. Something bad." That night, I saw her. In Lancelot's armor, upon Lancelot's horse, riding off toward the Eastern encampment. What she was doing was dangerous, deadly, daring, and... possibly the only thing left to do.

Sunk-Josslyn had always lived with her germaphobic mother in a condo on the coast of Northern Florida. She'd always had the same light pink and black room that was always clean. She had never stepped foot in the ocean she lived across the street from. She'd never known anything else. Until 'The Incident'. It was midnight, and the condo was empty save for Josslyn and her clicking nails. When the minute hand was past the four on the clock, there was a click and the door opened-- and there was Mom, with a client, doing very unclienty things. They were acting like Josslyn had envisioned her parents, before they fell out of love. There wasn't much to be said after that, except for the customary "We've been dating a while" and "I'm marrying him, honey" and fomr Josslyn, an "I'm not going to live here any more". Bags were packed and arrangements were made and more news was dropped and more fights were fought before Joss was dropped of at her long lost father's 'home' on the tip of Florida. "You... you live on a boat. You've got to be kidding me. Dad... You live on a boat." And so began an adventure. No more cleanliness, no more order, just tossing this way and that in the seas of uncertainty. In midst of nothingness, there's not much you can do, so you just keep swimming.

The Dive- (A little like Sunk, but not really) Taylor Kerrigan was perfect. Beautiful sister of beautiful Cara. Valedictorian, swimmer, diver, runner... Perfect. Until the accident. Driving along the highway, running away from home. Taylor gets hit. Badly. Everyone survives by some miracle, but then there's the chair. Paralyzed from the waist down, Taylor is bound to 'the chair' for life. No more swimming, diving, running... Nothing. Yale is gone, as are dreams of maintining perfect grade from inside the hospital. One night, after the all too common fights, Taylor wheels herself to the beach, down to the edge of the dock. The moon is shining, the waves are lapping the shore. And Karter Kayne is following her. He wants revenge. Taylor can't swim when she is pushed into the water, but strange forces are at work in the world. Instead of drowning, she is granted a second chance. And a fishes tail. But only in the water. Taylor can choose to live forever amongst the fish, who seem to be the only company under the water. Or, she can give it up and live with Cara and her mother, forever stuck in the chair, forever dependant. The choice seems easy, but then again, choices never really are.

Bizarre- Ever since Alice could remember, she lived in the glass house. Ever since the one night of the accident, she lived in the glass house. With Ann and Oliver and Alexander, they lived. And that's all they did. Until one evening, when the Night Crawlers attacked. Of course, Alice wasn't scared of the Night Crawlers, the humans who looked dead. Grey, clammy skin and eyes covered in a black, milky film. They belonged in graves, and they had to feed, on humans. But they had souls, right? Living in the land of Bizarre left little room for fear from the unusual. But it left plenty of room for fear of the unknown. When Alice in accused to aiding in the Night Crawlers raid, Windsnap, the head of the Forest, sends armies after her. Ann betrays the family, and Oliver and Alexander simply disappear. Alice is surviving in the Forest with Keir, a Night Crawlers. His stench is vile, and his touch is repulsive, but despite the fact that they are opposites, Alice feels a nagging connection. Before the accident, when she glimpsed visions of an alternate world. And then, nothing in Bizarre is what it seems. In fact, it seems that Bizarre is all in her mind. But is Keir, too?


Sunk- "I've... I've actually never gone swimming before..." Why did it sound so wrong out here on the ocean? It had sounded fine coming out of my mouth at home.

"Then you're going to learn." The motor stopped and I walked out the back door past the lawn chairs to the swim platform. Forget not owning a swim suit; Jon had given me like a million bucks to buy things I might need after I left him and my mom, so I was all set.

"On the count of three," he said. "I'm right here."

I'm right here. Spoken a thousand times when I was growing up with him around the house. Biking, softball, dance class, meeting new people...

So what else could I do? I jumped.

Twist-"You don't have to like me, Anna, but it's my house and I'm here to stay."

"You're dead. You're not real. You are dead."

"Yeah... I knew that the minute he aimed the shotgun, but I guess I just didn't have enough of living yet."

"Lissa, you are crazy. You cannot stay here."

"I'm the crazy one? You're the girl who's talking to a wall." She vanished just then, and indeed... I had been talking to a wall.

The Dive- When you're defined by things you've done, you aren't really yourself. I'm not Taylor, I'm just a swimmer, and diver, a smart girl, a runner, but I'm not much else. I was Jayce's girlfriend, but I was never Taylor. And I'm still not Taylor, I'm that girl in the wheelchair who lost the scholarship.

Underwater, when I'm not the girl in the wheelchair, I'm free to just be me. I'm just Taylor, and it's quiet, and I'm free.


What's your best feature? My hands. Seriously, I could be a hand model.

What do you want to accomplish in life? Publish a bestselling book, plus also travel the world. And wait, if Logan Lerman proposes, then I won't stay single. I'll marry him, even though there's a slight age difference. (not too mcuh though...)

How do you like to spend your time? Playing tag at night and being outside and being with my friends and writing fanfiction, of course!

Alright, enough quiz, I think this might be from a beauty pagent. How about some quotes:

Me- EW Edward looks like a woman-- stop kissing, that's not attractive!

Hannah S- Yeah, Bella's like, 'Throttle me, Edward!'

Me- ... Do you know what throttle means?

Hannah S- Hug?

Me- Choke, actually.

Hannah S- That's what I WOULD DO TO BELLA!

Amy (sister)- Where are my razors?

Me- They're on my floor... They're like... tropical flavor or something.


S- Yes, go on Bella, spread your Edward STD around... (rambling about the Edward/Bella STD)

Me- How long is this little sexcapade of your going to go on for, exactly?

Hannah S- (at alice in wonderland, tim burton version) SUE WITH BACNE! (sue's the stuffed guinea pig)

Me-I make up lot's of words... Sexcapade... Sinnocent... Blackccent...


Me- (jumps in muddy creek, explosion of mud)


Hannah S- I threw up on your foot.

Me- (steps on pillow) Shoot. (that actually did happen, at camp, after we chugged mountain dew and crammed twizzlers in our mouths, she puked on my foot)

Hannah B- Why'd you stick the (insert correct name for sink plugger upper in here) in there?

Me- I was washing the sink. Quick! We can get it out with a spoon!

Me- We should build Hogwarts.

S- We should. Where?

Me- How about on Hannah's house?

S- (Singing a song as we walk out of the band room to POP)

BAND TEACHER- (looks. pauses. starts laughing)

S- It was supposed to be only for your ears, Lulu (nickname for myself.)

Alright, so maybe they're not wisdomy wise quotes, but I love them. Now, here are my stories! Check em' out, AND DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW!

July 7- I.JUST.NEED.SLEEP. Why won't you horrible people let me sleep? Oh, right, because I can't sleep until we watch Percy Jackson. But you won't let me watch Percy Jackson! And so you feed my cheddar jalapeno cheetos instead, because you know those will keep me awake! And what time did you let me go to bed last night? 4 in the morning! And how much of the bed did I get? A sliver! And you wouldn't sleep in the middle, and your room is too hot, and ur hair dryer on settings 'high' and 'cool' makes a great air conditioner, but you won't let me use it! And I should've just gone to sleep in my corner! But then I got a bloody nose and WHY DO YOU PEOPLE HATE ME SO MUCH??

PS: Time is racing towards us, till the huns, arrive. Heed my every order, and you might survive! You're not suited for the rage of war, so pack up, go hoe you're through. How could I make a man, out of you? WE ARE MEN we must be swift as the coursing river WE ARE MEN with all the force of a great typhoon WE ARE MEN with all the strength of a ragin fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon!! (mulan is my favrite movie behind beauty and the beast, and shang is my favrite disney prince-type guy.) ALSO- Look at me, I will never pass for the perfect bride, or the perfect daughter. CAn it be, I'm not meant to play this part? Now I see, that if i were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart. Who is this girl I see, staring straight, back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don't know? Somehow I cannot hide, who I am, though I've tried. When will my reflection show, who I am inside?

July 23- HI! LONG TIME NO SEE! SO, where did I go? I went to Lake Erie, and I got severely BURNED by the SUN! Ow. Sho... yes, my stories are still being written, sillies. I'm just busy. SO HA. And movie night, I have movie night, too.


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