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Hey! It's me, Tux_Man! I tend to change my name often, though. Lol, it's around midnight and I'm tired. When I'm tired I get hyper. Yea, my name comes from a really cool song in Gundam Wing. Betcha you can't guess what song it is... My website above is a shrine to the Sorato couple from Digital Monsters. The pic *points* is from a new layout of my shrine. Yup, it's a White Reflection theme. I'm so lame. ^^; When I scan a few pics of me MAYBE I'll put one up. I mostly write Soratos, I also do fics from other animes. Have fun reading my stories!

Some fics I have in the works:

'Silver Wings': I have started this one. It's a Michi. I don't want to give out too much info because I'm around a quarter done with it, but it's right before Mimi moves to America, and how a certain someone reacts.

'Lady of Notre Dame': This is gonna be one of my favorites. Just talking about it makes me feel good about my writing skills. *lol* But anyways it's set on the steps of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, where a traveling gypsy claims aslyum from the horrid Digimon Kaiser. Then a young blond comes from the East to find his past in the West...under the bells of Notre Dame. *chills* A Sorato fic. I already have a layout ready for it. Lol, kinda backwards, ne?

I have a few ideas for a horror fic, probably becuz I've been reading digitally obsessed and Jehana's fics over and over. *shivers again*