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The Order: Tale of Basil -- Let's say you're a guy who's been in and out of battlefields, no longer being able to fully be in touch with reality, and you're at war with abominations to reality. Then your old friends come by and decide to help you. This is what you get, a crazy tale of fights, love, and life. And magic. DONE. Sequels, prequels and side stories are to come soon.

The Order: Wilson Chronicles -- About a slightly egotistical girl and her brother. They fight crime, with magic. On hiatus until I can actually write their characters well. May be recycled into something else as a last resort. UPDATE: High chance of just dropping this now and instead converting the rest of the planned stories as well as others into a new sort of side story series. It's complicated.

The Grind -- What happens when you put teenagers in a video game and you don't give them the manual. Well, close enough description to it. WILL BE CHANGED AND MODDED INTO SOMETHING NEW. BUT I'M LEAVING IT HERE SINCE I'M TOO LAZY TO GET RID OF IT

Of Magic and Contracts -- When a police officer meets a lazy genius, they fight crime, with even more magic. ON HIATUS.

ITEM war -- So you have this girl who likes to confess to guys. She one day decides to get to know this boring and quiet kid. The boring and quiet kid is actually a guy who has a mystical ability to turn all mirrors into enchanted mirrors that can do all sorts of things like reflect back bullets. Hilarity ensues. YEAH, HIATUS.

If you have any questions about the stories I got, please be sure to message me and I will be able to explain, whether they be questions on plot or mechanics.

Ok, I'm that's a lie. I have college and everything. But here's a story that people might like.

Night Life: Basically, Sun light turned killer and now everyone lives in caves, underground, or just anywhere dark. Look, I know it's an improbable premises, just go with it.

Possible Future Stories:

Syte: Kid gets into a car accident and gets to see ghosts and something else. Unfortunately, seeing abnormal things lets one see horrible abominations craving sight. Even more unfortunately, our hero's out of shape. Luckily, seeing death has its advantages. Chance of release: Mid-Low since the plot is basically Tsukihime Bleach Iris Zero Generic monster of the week show angst. I mean, they are good individually, and probably good duct taped together. But I'm not too sure about originality.

Not A Harem: A very quiet kid goes to an all girls school due to some complications, hilarity and lampshading happens. Chance of release: Almost impossible since I can't write a comedy and I especially can't write a harem comedy.

Fantasia Gaia: About a whole bunch of people get stuck inside a game. We do not get to see the journey of an awesome hero who takes charge. We instead follow a guy who basically runs from his problems and keeps running, but gets enough character development to change that. Chance of release: Mid-High. The plot and general story concepts is extremely close to .hack// and Sword Art Online, but it has some genuine differences to keep it from being a carbon copy, sorta. Well, I kinda like it.

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Night Life reviews
The light of the Sun, the giver of life it was known to be. But, one day its light turned murderous, taking the lives of those who fell under its glow without a hint of mercy. People turned to the dark in desperation and have lived there ever since. One thousand years after the light turned cruel is where this tale begins. Of two people and those they meet.
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In 2012, the world stood still as they were captivated by an epic battle that would decide their fates. This story is about one of those participants of battle. Welcome to the Order.
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ITEM war reviews
People all around the world met a man in a top hat and a large trench coat. He offered them something that would let all of them escape from the mundane. How they would use it is up to them. And not everyone is a nice person. Welcome to the ITEM Wars.
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Of Magic and Contracts reviews
In a world where magic can be used by everyone, there has to be a top police force to make sure that power isn't abused. On the first day of the job, genius Holly Agalia meets our hero.
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The Order reviews
This is a background for things to come. It tells what you would expect a little preview would. Or maybe that text on the back of the book.
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The Grind
Ten Teenagers are stuck in a sick game where the only thing they can do is fight or die.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: M - English - Mystery/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,113 - Updated: 2/21/2011 - Published: 2/18/2011
The Order: Wilson Chronicles reviews
Elaine Wilson is an egotistical and power hungry warrior of The Order. Unfortunately, she's very clumsy. Nathan Wilson is her far more mellow, calm, and competent brother who aids her every whim. What could go wrong?
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