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I'm eighteen. I like pie.

My current goals are to make it through my first year at University without dying, and to finally finish a story. I'm really not too sure how either of those are going to work out. Or which one is going to come first. The chicken or the egg? That isn't really applicable to this situation... (Side note: Thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo in June, I was able to finally finish a proper story.)

I love British sci-fi shows, and am obsessed with watching re-runs of Dr. Who. I love manga probably more than what's healthy, so don't mention it to me unless you're ready for an in-depth discussion. Well, if I know what manga you're actually talking about. Hah. I play video games occasionally. Though they're normally just ones that I steal off my brother for a while. Zelda's pretty cool. Twilight annoys me. Edward needs to be introduced to a good barber. I'm thinking of a guy named Sweeny Todd. Yes? No?

I quote things constantly, and love being able to make obscure culture references that people can't work out without Google-ing them. Is that a word? Google-ing? It'd be a verb, right?

I can never keep goldfish alive for more than a few weeks. Which is why I have an invisible one. His name is Pegasus. I know almost all the lyrics to pretty much every Boys Like Girls song, followed closely by songs by the All American Rejects. I don't like putting jam on toast because I normally end up putting on too much and then it makes my teeth hurt. Black is the main colour in my wardrobe, I love funny romance stories, and I'm a non-conformer.

I enjoy reading, though the time to do so has been growing shorter as I grow older. Horror gives me nightmares and drama makes me cry. Laughter has been my best friend and favourite solitude my entire life. And now my bio sounds like a poem. Completely unintentional, for the record.

I'm completely insane and talk too much, mostly saying things that even I don't understand. Try not to take anything I say too seriously because I hardly ever mean any of it. Well, sometimes.

Uhm. Re-reading that, I don't actually know how any of that is actually important, so I'll just say some random words that together will hopefully make this somewhat interesting.

Alligator. Waffle. Swedish. Missile. Bunny slippers.

You're welcome.

People of the Universe (and FictionPress), I have something to say to you. What is wrong with the world that it has now become acceptable for Dwayne Johnson to play an African-American on the new G.I. Joe movie? That wasn't actually what I wanted to say. It just kind of popped out. Like an unplanned birth. Anyways, some of you might already know this from my Teenage Internet Troller chapter, but I'm not going to be able to get on here that often anymore. Sadface. Basically what it comes down to is my sudden lack of free time that comes along with my first year at University. I promise I'll try to update as much as possible, and I'll always love and/or respond to your comments/reviews/questions. Because YOU are the only one who can prevent forest fires.

[June 1st, 2012] Oh, yeah. I do still have one of these, don't I? Wow. Time flies, huh? I'm already half-way through the year at Uni and I still haven't failed anything yet. Will the wonders never cease? I just thought I'd come by and tell y'all that I'm still alive. Partly because I haven't been on here in a while, but mostly because I really should be studying for exams and I'm procrastinating. Well done, Seamir. Well done. Another thing! I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo at the moment (it just started today), so if you want to cruise on over there and find me I'm under the same name. Drop me a message and we can have a chatsies about how we're going to fail at finishing our novels. Good times.

[July 4th, 2012] This is going to turn into a blog. So, once again, Seamir finds herself stumbling across her FictionPress page and realizing that she still has one. Anyways, you know how I was planning on doing Camp NaNoWriMo? Well, I actually finished it. Like, finished a story. Legit. For cereal. At 70 thousand and something words, it's literally the longest thing I've ever written in my whole life. I was actually thinking about posting it up here soon, so PM me and let me know if you'd actually be interested in me doing something like that. On top of that, I'm planning on jumping head-first into both the August Camp as well as the proper NaNoWriMo event in November. Like I said, go find me on there if you'd like to talk about how badly we're going to do or basically anything else. I'm under the same name.

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