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Surp :3 So, I'm Elaine (bahaha! the evvvill pseudonym ;D) and I am a "scribbler". By scribbler, I mean that I don't take myself seriously enough to be considered a writer--and it works! I have way more motivation to write when I don't take it so seriously :).

I'm not one to write a whole bunch of stories for nothing... I have to really see the plot going somewhere. Sometimes the plots are based on things that I'm curious about--especially with the only one I've written so far.

My favorite authors are: JK Rowling, Stephen King, and RL Stine. I love JK Rowling's descriptiveness, Stephen King's psycology, and RL Stine's simplicity.

Favorite books: American Girl, Harry Potter series, Goosebumps, Superstitious, I am the Cheese, The Regulators, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, On Writing, Ella Enchanted, and a few others that I can't remember the name of >.

As for music, I like pretty much everything. I'm slowly getting into the Beatles and Michael Jackson (I was a deprived but my first musical love was Papa Roach. :)

Reviews are appreciated...but I'm not going to beg for them. If you really don't feel like giving me one, don't. If you do...don't be lazy D:. Also, I appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If it sucks, tell me why it sucks and how you think that I can improve. Seriously--I'm writing for myself, but I also know that if I keep something in my head, there are always a few drops that don't quite make it out and they're usually the most important ones. ;)

If you're interested in a really, really cool site, check out > Only Women's Talk It's a brand new site with advice for women of ALL ages...I even write up there :D

Update 4/2/11: I posted another chapter--and the text editor up here wouldn't format it correctly. Will reformat and repost at a later date. Thank you for your patience. :)

Update 5/20/11:

Alright, this is regarding the Humor in the Funny Farm...I'm taking it down. I think it has potential, but I haven't done the story justice and I think it would be better rewritten at a later date. I'm not sure what that later date will be or when it will be. I do have a few other story ideas churning around and they might be written first. This one is just going on the backburner for now--until I can rewrite it, make it better, and make it a little bit sturdier.

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