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So. Hi there.

Why are you here?

I wish I had something witty to say but all that that comes to mind is that I love to write. I enjoy Yaoi, Het and Yuri, also known as Gay, Straight and Lesbian romances, and usually my stories have romance aspect to them, though I never make that the only focus of the story. I like to write humorous things, but my heart is set on the real story, they tend to revolve around bad things. Crime, death, drama, rape, abuse,, basically. Life has moments that are funny, captured in sweet snippets here and there but...shit happens. Ask Forrest Gump.

I like my stories to include that shit.

So yeah...I don't write in doom and gloom sort of fashion, because life isn't about that. Life can be crappy, but it also goes on, and I enjoy writing all aspects of it. The world doesn't stop for angst, and I like to think I depict that in my stories.

I also love character developement. Gods, plot rocks, but nothing is better than the plot moving the character along in such a way that he or she starts to actually breath, you know? If you don't write to make your characters real, then what's the point? I love my characters, even if I hate them, each and every one. I don't soften points of their personality for the sake of being grammatically correct, because I write in first person, and I will use things like 'gonna' and 'wanna'.If you're going to review for the soul purpose of bitching about that...go ahead. I shall read and thank God that I'm spending my time doing better things. I do my best to keep out the typos, but I'm hardly going to reread the chapter seven times in order to make it perfect. I'm not a professional yet. That's why I'm here.

I adore reviews of every shape and size, and constructive criticism as well. I also love chatting with my readers, so please PM or email me if you'd like to talk to me.

I think I've bored you enough with this. :)

Oh, and I am a girl, by the way. Just call me Darling. _ If you don't get my pen name, then SHAME ON YOU! XP



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