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Könnichiwä! Greetings!
I am Angelstars (aka) Angie formerly known as A*MON
=Animé Otaku=
I'm a huge, MASSIVE, obsessed fan of Animé & Manga - I’m a loyal fan of the works by Rumiko Takahashi - i.e. Ranma ½, Inu-Yasha, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku… all of the female character’s in these Animé/Manga are all strong headed and stand out, which is why I love Rumiko’s works. Pokèmon! another of my MANY obsessions; Ash & Misty (Pokèshipper) I write AAMR. I'm also a Eldershipper (Professor Oak & Mrs Ketchum) I too am an Anyshipper, the ships above are mainly the ones I write about in my Pokèmon fiction.
I'm also an addicted fan of other Animé including, in order - Ranma ½ I adore Ranma & Akane! I obsess over P-chan (Ryoga) just go look at my Animé site I’m mental ^^;, Inu-Yasha, my new obsession, I support Inuyasha & Kagome Romance…Kikyo is a psycho basically... *Glomps* ohhh cute ears 0.o, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba is the most gorgeous sexay eyed guy ever if you love him & his eyes join my clique Seto Eyes (the link is above)Joey Wheeler is also a dumb blondie so I adore him too, but Kaiba is my favourite. Cowboy Be-bop, Spike is such a cutie plus he just kicks ass! Ah! My Goddess! Kaiichi & Belldandy *hugs, Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi & Ryoko supporter (of course), Sailor Moon, DBZ, Trigun (Vash is so adorable), Rurouni Kenshin (Kenshin *dreamy eyes*)… ok I could go on forever ^^; lets just say I’m an Otaku! =About Me=
Ok, now that you know a little more about my otaku ways I can tell ya's more about myself... and thank for hosting my fiction ^^
Name(s): Angela, Angie, Angel...
P.O.B: Wales, United Kingdom. I live in Jersey, Channel Islands tho
I’m a 23 year old tomboy, fangirl with one talent - writing… *cough* I've been known to give out long reviews, 'cause I basically talk way to much! well that's according to certain authors cough*Classic Cowboy*cough (Oh and always believe what they say about the British being "MAD" 'cause there is a reason why we have "Mad Cows" ) I’m famous! ^^; yea right - i appear in many Pokèmon Fictions created by my Author buds -(Cameo)- Angie-chan, Angie and Star Angelic... I have to point out one other thing - the devilishly handsome Brock Slate is my man! he is so HOT & he belongs to me! "You can call me honey!"=Pokémon Shipping for moi?=
Angelshipping/Cottonwoolshipping = Angie+Brock shipping =) thank you Llyxius & Classic Cowboy for creating these Angie/Brock couple pairings ^.^ =Shoutouts and dedications=
I would like to offer thanks to fellow authors:- ~*~MistY BluE~*~, Cultnirvana, Ark9 & Trish for all their kind support! You've all encouraged me to write at my very best! *God bless* I would also like to add special appreciation to PJ84, Spruceton Spook, Llyxius & especially to Latonya Wright (the captian of the Eldershipping Brigade) I luv ya's all alwayz! go read all these wonderful and talented Authors stories too!
~Thank you All ~
More shameless plugs...go out to; Neongene, Classic Cowboy, & Fusionblaster because these guys have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing me, and I'm sure they appreciate this plug that I'm giving them...beside them knowing me, these guys are great authors - =Quotes=
Animé: Pokémon -
Misty: "SCRAWNY?!" Ash: "*Real* scrawny!"
--POW!!-- Ash: "OW!" (The Ghost Of Maidens Peak)

Ash: "Wow, imagine Brock married!"
Misty: "You and I will be married someday, too."
Ash: "Mmmmhmmm...HUH??????" (=D I died laughing when I heard this)

Misty: "Take it from me, it's a lot easier to like someone who likes you than to like someone who doesn't!!!"
Brock: "How do you know?"
Misty: "AH! Well...that's what I've heard..." (heehee =) really Misty?…)
Animé: Ranma ½ -
Ryoga: Nani?! Koko wa doko da?! (What?! Where am I now?!) (*faints*)

Ranma: "Akane, don't you ever get tired of getting angry all the time?"
Akane: "I like being angry!"
Ranma: "Well that's too bad."
Akane: "Why is that!"
Ranma: "'Cause you're really cute when you smile." (awww cute)
Animé: Inu-Yasha -
Kagome: Inuyasha…Oswari! (Inuyasha…sit!) (come on everyone loves the sit command, ne? =^_^=)

=Fanfiction Updates=
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Giving my Heart away’ - Ash and Misty Romance - Romance/Drama - PG - Complete
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My Tender Strength’ - Ash and Misty Romance/Eldershipping - Romamce/Humor - PG - Complete
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The Second Voice’ - Ash and Misty Romance hints - Angst/Drama - PG-13 - Complete (Mature reference’s)
Why Don’t you Love me?’ - Ash and Misty Romance - Romance - PG - Complete
A Misty to Remember’ - Ash and Misty Romance - Romance/General - PG-13 - Complete (side note: based on ‘Ranma ½ OAV episode ‘An Akane to Remember: The two Akanes, Ranma look at me!’)
Why is it so Complicated?’ - Ash and Misty Romance - Romance/General - PG-13 - Completed Chapters
Would you be able to choose?’ - Inuyasha/Kagome/Kikyo triangle - Romance/Angst - PG-13 - On-going Chapters (Discontinued)
Two Guys, a Girl and one heck of a love triangle’ - Ranma/Akane/Ryoga triangle - Romance/Humor - PG-13 - On-going Chapters (Hiatus)
Without Words, Your Hand in Mines Enough - Ash&Misty romance - (on-going, maybe?)
Untamed Heart - Romance/Drama - PG-13/R *Lemon/Lime & Fluff Warning!* - based on the movie 'Untamed Heart' but with an Inuyasha twist. *Complete*
Untamed Soul - Romance/Drama - PG-13 - *Prequel* to Untamed Heart (2 Chapters) - The beginning of one hanyou's quest to reunite with his mate... *Complete*
There's something about Kagome - Romance/Angst - PG-13 (Rating may change) - Chapter 1 uploaded; chapter 2 should be on its way soon...
The Hearts' Desire - Romance/Humor - PG-13 - I haven't got a clue how many chapters there will be but so far i have 5 - This is the *Sequel* to Untamed Heart - (Inuyasha/Kagome Sango/Miroku/Sess)
Unbreak My Heart - Romance/Angst/Drama - PG-13/R *Rating for Lemon/Lime scented scenes* - Inuyasha/Kagome fluff - (On-going)*
*Coming soon*
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There's something about Kagome chapter 2
The Hearts' Desire chapter 3