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Name: Unimportant Gibber-Jabber
Nickname(s): Story, Hopeless, Freak, Trixie
Birthday: July 4th
Birthplace: Texas, in a hospital
Current Location: Stuffed inside of a closet
Eye Color: Brown (May be mistaken for black when I'm angry because I narrow my eyes like /so/)
Hair Color: Dark brown with hints of red in it. The light has to hit it correctly in order for you to see the red.
Height: Short
Weight: not sure, 99 to 108 I'm not sure...
Lefty or Righty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
What Do You Drive: Drive? What are you talking about? I use my flying superpowers to get around
Screen-name: StoryTailor


Color: black, purple, gray, blue, and if white was a color it'd be one too... wow... that rhymed...
Number: Anything that ends in a 5 or a 0
Band: We're supposed to have a favorite?
Music Genre: I don't have one
TV Show: Hard... Questions...
Movie: I don't have a favorite! Gah! bangs head on wall
Actor: blah
Actress: mehhh
Kind of Movie: I watch whatever is on.
Cartoon: wrinkles nose er... I don't know...
Sport: Soccer! Futbol!
Fast Food Restaurant: I don't eat fast food, homemade is sooo much better
Food: Mexican, Puerto Rican
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Cereal: I just grab a glass of milk and dash out the door with a bag of chips in my pocket.
Candy: All of it.
Drink: Coke
Alcoholic Beverage: I don't really drink, but beer's pretty okay.
Quote: For yesterday is hopeless, and tomorrow's far away,
In the end all that matters is what you do today.

Do You

Have any siblings: yes
Have any pets: yes
Have a job: kinda
Have a cellphone: yes
Have any special talents or skills: yes
Have any fears: yesh
Have a bedtime: nope
Sing in the shower: ... not really
Want to go to college: why not?
Get along with your parents: sure
Have any piercings: yes
Have any tattoos: nope
Swear: blinks innocently me?
Smoke: nope
Drink: All the time, what am I supposed to do without water?
Do Drugs: All the time! shakes head No.

This or That

Fruit or Vegetable: fruit
Black or White: Black
Lights On or Lights Off: off
TV or Movie: movie
Car or Truck: truck
Cash or Check: cash
Rock or Rap: rock
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
French Toast or French Fries: toast
Strawberries or Blueberries: blueberries
Cookies or Muffins: cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break: winter
Hugs or Kisses: hugs

Have You Ever

Danced in a public place: who doesn't?
Smiled for no reason: depends, I saw a reason to smile, but nobody else did...
Laughed so hard you cried: Not really
Talked to someone you don't know: all the time
Drank alcohol: sure
Done drugs: I take tylenol when I have a headache
Partied 'til the sun came up: yesh
Gotten a ticket: Yep. (but not the kind of ticket you're thinking about)
Been arrested: Never been caught
Been convicted of a crime: Noo
Been out of the country: Yep

Random & Silly Junk

Ever TP'd someone's house
: no Don't have an interest to.
Ever egged someone's house: shakes head
How many languages do you speak: two
Who do you compare yourself to: I compare myself to the me from yesteryear
Ever regret anything: Yes, all the time
Do you like being tickled: nope, but people do it anyway

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