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Hello everyone & welcome to my profile. Sorry for the absence... I have to get the creativity for Immortal Soul flowing again and I recently decided to put two other works into my roster. If you're curious, please feel free to take a look.

Series in the works:

Immortal Soul: The Advent (Pilot)

Finishing: Unknown

Priority: Last

Immortal Soul: Rise of the Champion (Sequel)

In Progress

Rating: T

Next Chapter: January 17th

Priority: Top

Estimated Arcs: 4

Estimated Chapters: 89

Immortal Soul: The Man Who Conquered Fate (Final Installation)

To Debut: TBA

Rating: M (For Gore, War scenes and harsh life concepts)

Priority: Last

Summary: Finally having returned to Gaia at last, Ren alongside the friends and allies he has met on his journey prepare for their final confrontation. From entering the tournament of slayers to crossing swords with the legendary Mamoru! The epic final battle happens now!

Estimated Arcs: 9

Estimated Chapters: 156

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