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Okay, the lay-down about me:

I'm practically fourteen (waiting for early October),

I AM a girl (I get a lot of questions like that)

If I could, I would make it so that history would never be a subject again. EVER.

I AM ITALIAN, AND I AM PROUD. (even after their horrid play at the world cup. cringes)

Now, how to describe my personality. well... Let me give you the worded tour of my basement. Its practically my evil layer, and its ALL MINE (the plus of being an only child).

If you were to look at my un-shared computer, the windows open would be for facebook, msn, fictionpress, MS Word, and the little window that says i have over 41,390 viruses and it won't close 'cause it finds a new one EVERY FREAKING MINUTE. If you were to look at my desk on which my laptop is on, you would find (If you moved all the clutter a little) a metronome, three DSs, an electric pencil sharpener, a 48 pack of battery that now only holds four (only I have acess to those batteries), a toy train, a hammer, a screwdriver, and various games for various gaming consoles. Turn to your right, and you will see a bookcase full of books and videogames, plus a broken beanbag chair. Turn to your left, and you would be facing my electric keyboard that's always on because I have sudden urges to make up a small little riff or song. Beyond that is a couch-like thing that i have intelligently named a fwujifwu (FWOOH-jee-fwooh). oce again, beyond that is more clutter-from-hell involving videogames, posters, ect that finally lead up to my 68" sony HDTV that usualy has some type of screen from a Legend of Zelda game paused . I love that thing with all my heart.

Now, my hobbies. Reading, writing, and videogames FTW. But because im sure all of you read and (obvioulsly) write, I'll explain more about videogames. In my eyes, videogames are a gift sent from God. I have nine gaming consoles (soon to be ten), both handheld and platformed. One is sony, one is sega, the rest are Nintendo. I'll just cut to the chase right now. LEGEND OF ZELDA IS THE BEST INVENTION IN THE WORLD. ITS BETTER THAN PLUMBING (I'm a camper. I can live.) If you have any nintendo game console, and have NEVER played Legend of Zelda, i ORDER YOU TO GO BUY ONE.

Now, anyway. I have a simple rule here. Comment on my stories and I'll read yours. I'll probably comment too.

And I pass the hot potato onward to you.


P.S. if you find anything a little bit rude, such as racist or sexist, read this before flagging me. I, myself, am open to all kinds of people. It's my characters who arn't, and usually for a reason. by the end of the story, they usually learn their lesson.

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Anger Managment by lalalerah reviews
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