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Hello all! You may call me J, JMSmith, JMS, Smitty-J, whatever pleases you. I am an avid reader with a passion for books, but I'm just beginning to enter the depths of the writing world, so bare with me. I am fourteen years old and just recently got accepted into a rather, a-hem, prestigious private high school, on full scholarship I might add, which I'm super pumped for. I have two (usually) adorable twin one-year-old sisters, who have two very distinct personalities. I also have a fat lazy Shepard/Lab named Molly. Apart from reading, I love playing the piano and attempting to play the guitar my grandfather bought me to fool around with. I also enjoy acting, music, golf, photography, and most any other form of art. I love to travel though I don't do much of it. As for a career preference, it changes with the New England weather. And that's saying something. The environment and animals have always been important to me, ever since I was very little (while other little girls had tea parties, I went worm hunting)so I try hard to be Earth-friendly, though in this economy and me not quite having a job yet, I save the solar panels and home-made bio-diesel for a later date and settle now for recycling and shorter showers. If you want to chat, have any questions/comments about my writing, or anything else for that matter, just send a private message which I will be sure to answer. Thanks for reading, and write on!

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