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About Thyneself? Sure, why not:

I'm just a little girl on the other side of this computer screen, who's very bad at profiles. I usually like the genre of romance, and -- though I despise it in real life -- like the genre of drama. Most of the romance I read is usually fanfiction, however, and centering around homosexual pairs. Girl/guy doesn't appeal to me as much as it possibly should. I'm obnoxiously tall, but I like being tall. I have really low self-esteem, no matter what you say to get it up, it remains low. Compliments, sadly, mean nothing to me. Insults sting, but I know there is nothing left in me to lose, so I disregard them all. I am a pure audiophile in every way possible. As I write this, I am blasting music. Music gives me hope in life. More than one a day, I have twinges of, "I'm not worth anyone's time and I don't deserve to live." Music saves me, and that is why I am here to write for you today.

Besides the obvious complaining that I do, I tend to be nice to new individuals. To my friends, I'm either nice or a complete bitch. They've come to accept it, and for that, I love them dearly.

About thyne writing, you'd like to know?:

I generally tend to write what I love. I write a lot of romance -- mainly because sex scenes amuse me. A lot of my stuff revolves around murder or self-injury. I find these things to be a strong love of mine. I write a lot of poetry, mostly things that come off the top of my head according to what people say. I write songfics as well. I've been writing stories since around the age of five. Coherent stories around the age of seven. Actually GOOD stuff around the age of eleven.

Thanks, because they really deserve it:

Thank you to Mel for being my wife, for not leaving me, and for caring about me.For making me laugh when I was feeling so bad, for understanding what I feel like, and for just loving me. As long as I live, I will thank you for pushing me through to remain living. For this, I will always love you dearly, no matter how many states we live apart.

Thank you to Sam for trying to cheer me up, and it working.

Thank you to Sierra for never forgetting me, no matter how torn apart we get.

Thank you to Nelson for being such a shithead, but letting me love him anyway.For philosophizing with me, for pondering the art of religion with me, for battling me when I was so obviously wrong. Just for... being there, and letting me know he cares. Even if he does gloat his ass off.

Thank you to Val for being my writing buddy.

Thank you to Autumn for reviewing what I write, and actually liking it.

Thank you to Danny for making me laugh for the short time that you did. I'll miss you, bud, until you finally come back. You need to get your ass out of Pakistan, because we worry about you every day. We need you.

And, this is a big one.

Thank you to the artists of every band I listen to every day. Your music has kept me alive and make me felt like I've had someone there who understands. For that, I will always be adear fan. Thank you.

Contact? Why would you want to?:

My contact email is If you want to contact me about any of my stories, and would prefer to get to me quicker, instant message Over Youtube? EmoCupcake147. Fanfiction? PeanutButteredRoxas. Twitter? Cnopbl.

There's more, but I think that's enough.


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