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About me

So, you want to know who you're dealing with? Let's start by saying I'm fairly old, settled with a good day job and three children. Oh, and my native language is not English, and I'm always happy with English speakers helping me correct my texts. When I take the time to hang out on the Internet, I'm known as dx at The Globe and Floyd at The Review Game.

I've always been interested in storytelling. But I am lazy. And when I was young, computers were expensive and limited machines; and printers even more expensive and fickle, and Internet and its wonderful communication possibilities just did not exist. So instead of re-writing and correcting scripts by hands, for nearly nobody to be able to read them, I just took the sidetrip to RPGs, I mean the real ones with real humans where the main point is building a story, not the computer-based weak imitations.

When computers became commonplace, my hobby-time was just too occupied with music. But then, Internet came and developed, and connections started being cheap, and I slowly discovered the possibilities for on-line creation. A bit later, I discovered play-by-post RPGs, and found it the closest to my youth RPGs, despite the sometimes snail pace of the plots. I realized sticking to my native French would be limiting my choice of playing partners, switched to English, and got my first bite of the writing bug in the wonderful Tazlure game, which is going to stay for long a template against which I compare the others. I've also taken part in Thorns and The Cycle.

While I loved setting scenes and writing summary posts and characters background, I had to stop playing because I had times when I could not post regularly enough, decided I needed a freer creative output, and started writing independently. I first cut my teeth with some Battlestar Galactica fanfiction, then had one of my Thorns character want to be written about, and decided to open this account.

The stories

Of ale and magic is my first real story. It's short (20 000 words), and complete (though I might modify a sentence or two to take into account the reviews I receive). It's still half-way to a fanfiction, as it's set in the Thorns universe and not one of my invention (all credits and copyrights for it going to its owners and its creator, Alexandra Prillman). But hey, the main characters are all mine! Basically, I had created a middle-aged character, and she kept shouting at me that she'd been young, and it had been a fine romance, and why didn't I write about that. So here it is, first romance flaws included. I've tried to make it understandable without knowing the setting but some details might still look strange or loose some taste if you don't know it. Tell me, I'll try to correct the aim. T rating for this one, I believe.

Five ways to mess is much more ambitious, supposed to grow longer, and independent. Set in a bombed-back-to-a-poor-country US in a near future, it's about a how a young lonely high-school junior is going to grow-up from being the math class nerd into... Someone else (you don't want me to reveal the plot, do you?). A coming of age story in a light bio-punk setting. Don't be fooled by the militaristic prologue, it's more an exception to the general setting. But violence might happen. Sex and drugs and rock'n roll too. M rating and all associated warnings. That story is copyrighted by me, dx713, and licensed under the CC-BY creative commons terms.

On all the stories, I strive to return reviews. (Just give me some time, I have a family, a day job, another hobby (music), a backlog of reviews to make, and the slower brains of my age. If it seems I really forgot you, PM me a nudge ;)

Five Ways to Mess by dx713 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
For permissions beyond the scope of this license, inquiries, or feedback -> PM.

Reset by dx713 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
For permissions beyond the scope of this license, inquiries, or feedback -> PM.

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