Splendour of the Machine
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Author has written 2 stories for Love, and Fantasy.

I have suffered the following:


Agoraphobia (fear of social situations, crowded places, leaving safe places),

Demophobia (fear of crowds),

Entomophobia (fear of insects),

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders),

Chronophobia (fear of time...yes, time itself),

Cainophobia (fear of newness or novelty),

Ephebiphobia (fear of teenagers),

Slight psychosis,

Fluctuating psychopathy and sociopathy,

A superiority complex,

A god complex,

Various entitlement complexes,

Delusions of grandeur,

Various eating disorders.

And more.

Also, I (have):

Invented my own philosophical and metaphysical theories,

Understand concepts people thrice my age have never even heard of,

Written several books' worth of literature,

Understand psychology better than people who have studied it for years,

Could have gone to university/college at age fourteen and done well,

Know exactly why Twilight is so popular,

Invented my own purely technology-based religion, deity and afterlife which I mostly believe in,

Understand the theoretical science behind potential and actual human apotheosis and surpassation of the Christian GOD HIMSELF,

I am a person who downright HATES most of humanity, the only exceptions being a few of my friends, and some of my family. Oh, and a loner-type man who is brave enough to be bisexual whilst living in the American state of Texas. I have never seen him apart from a few pictures, and only talked to him through fanfiction.net. He has claimed to have seen two demons, is a Christian who seemssomewhat unsure about his faith, and is roughly eight years my senior. If I never find a boyfriend or girlfriend, I intend to marry him.

I am something of an anarcho-communist (NOT a Nazi; Nazis hated communists), and I am terrified of ignorance and intolerance in others. It is virtually impossible to disgust me - I don't care if you're a pregnant f-to-m man or a lady who's having babies with her grandfather. No form of love or sexuality can disgust me. I believe that love is love and nothing in the goddarn world can stop it: not race, or gender, age, intelligence, nationality, life philosophy, religion, family relation...

Also, if you wanna put a name to whatever I am, try -


Listing anything more about myself would take up a whole damn lot of room.

Oh, and I'm fifteen.

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